Monday, December 1, 2008

All The May'r's Look-Alike Kid

Alan's newfound brother has a passing resemblance to the mysterious Mr. Mayor. Are hairstyles hereditary? If not, they should be. Alan could be revealed as having mayoral blood, the next in line for the position of Super City Mayor!

Wistful speculation aside, I have made a disturbing observation. In response to my query about Bushes, the great zgeycp pointed me in the direction of the superfluous Bush's death. Further exploration then revealed to me this little guide. It clearly states that the dead Bush was Hobo Bush. It's Baseball Bush who is supposed to be dead. Yet the most recent Bush storyline names the living Bush as Hobo Bush, and demonstrates that he has memories of Hobo Bush's first meeting with Chris. Is this a continuity error, or is there an extra stage in the storyline that I am unaware of? I must take the long trek through the archives to find out.

No, surely it isn't a continuity error. If there's no Hobo Bush resurrection storyline already in place, this must be intended as the seed for a future plot. Surely. Superosity is flawless.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hatto Vs. Hatto

In the midst of this unsettling altercation between slave and master, it is worth remembering why Chris and Baby Bush have gotten along so well in the past. They are in many ways kindred spirits. Or at least they were. Back when Bush used to be cool.

Is the current Bush the ex-basball player from the other dimension, or is he back to being the original one? I remember that the original Bush returned and there were two Bushes for a little while, but don't recall how that plot resolved. As entertaining as Superosity is, sifting through its archives for particular moments can be a difficult process.

There are broader unrelated themes that I would like to address but, as I said, the archives are difficult to penetrate. Perhaps in the future.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Deciding Not To Strike Twice

Today we see that American Lightning is all grown up. "That I may rise, and stand, o'erthrow me, and bend/ Your force, to breake, blowe, burn and make me new," wrote John Donne before that unfortunate incident of ending up as some ancient dude from bygone times, and I think this quite aptly sums up American Lightning's situation. He has endured many hardships, and the process has matured him.

Does this mean he no longer wants to blow up illegal immigrants? Will he start to take better care of his baby? We can only hope.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Vote Early Vote Often

It's getting pretty darn cold around here. Way too cold to adequately express the joy that Superosity has been providing us lowly citizens of the world. Nonetheless, I heard an anonymous call for assistance echoing through the darkness and had no choice but to valiantly respond.

This current Superosity is intense. Chris turns out to be the sanest person in his new superhero team, he gets arrested for the insane actions of his colleagues, Boardy has to choose between his best friend and his hero, and then Chris hides out on the moon and meets his own hero who also happens to be a monster. With so much zany stuff happening, it's hard to point out any particulars for fear of offending the rest. You don't want to offend the rest, it wouldn't be fair.

It seems that the outcome of this storyline may partially hinge on the outcome of the US presidential elections. So forget about the issues, forget about which campaign uses the flashiest slogan, and vote entirely on the basis of what you want to happen in Superosity. It's the only sensible thing to do. Superosity is exactly five times more important than any looming recession or ongoing foreign war.

Consider that Boardy and Arcadia are teaming up to help Chris out. This could influence Boardy's future opinion of Arcadia and set the foundation for their future moon wedding featuring superheroes. They could even end up having the wedding early now that they have the moon and superheroes all neatly lined up in advance. And the emotional conflict of having to sabotage Obama's campaign could be just the thing to turn Boardy evil. This may be the most important storyline in a very long time, and you the readers (or those of you who are registered US voters) may have an opportunity to guide the nature of its course. Maybe. So please, don't throw your vote away thoughtlessly.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The iron-clad law

The most recent comic was a bit later than usual, but it was worth the wait. There are few things I like better than good use of the word "ironically," and this is a very good use indeed.

Will Boardy whip out his hero-osity machine before this arc is over? I wonder. Next month my internet connection will be all fixed up, so perhaps I will get around to that examination of superheroism in Superosity very soon.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Mr. Crosby!!

With 31 years of bringing joy to this world, we truly are the ones receiving the gifts.

My internet connection has gone icky. I wanted to do a fascinating review of superheros in Superosity, but dragging up the relevant links is a frustrating process. Maybe another time.

For now, let us just note that Chris has gone freaking insane in this new storyline. First he claims that he has all of the super powers, and then he a few moments later appears convinced that it was the other person who told him so. Chris is normally a silly billy type of guy, but this is beyond the pale and also the pail! I wait with bated and also baited breath to see what happens next.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Tantalising Revelation

Way back in the not-so-long-ago, this blog started with a look at Boardy's obsession with Obama, so it was nice to see that subplot continued in this amusing little Sunday strip. More importantly though...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Present And Distant Past

In a startling move set to astound audiences and woo the future, Chris Crosby has made some of his catch-up strips retroactively topical to the archive date of their entries. Here we have Giz being excited about the Olympics on 8/8/08, and here we have a week-long story for Star Wars: The Clone Wars on the week in which it was released. Perhaps these were written on the appropriate days and it is just the drawing that Chris is catching up on? I don't know, I do not have the privileged knowledge of his inner circle. All I know is that integrating these topical subjects shows an experience with time travel that could only be rivalled by veteran Doctor Who writers.

Did you know that Boardy may have purposely let Chris forget about true love? Intriguing. That period also represents Superosity in top form, so reading through the archive from that strip on would be a good idea for people who like being happy. The dialogue for Professor Ashfield is brilliant enough that one can only wonder what would happen if Chris participated in a ressurrection of Ashfield Online. Maybe euphoria, maybe ecstasy, maybe both.

Or maybe Aric McKeown himself was responsible for those lines. I don't know. I do not have the privileged knowledge of his inner circle.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

John's Krazy Korner

It appears that Chris Crosby has cheated a little to help him catch up. For a few strips in a row he has used the same joke of Boardy being perplexed with the sight of a man standing still on television. This is fine by me. I don't mind when he takes shortcuts for no announced reason, so I certainly don't mind when he does it for a very good reason.

The comic timing remains at its usual top quality. It even takes advantage of the fact that he is putting Chris is now putting up a few strips a day. This startling revelation works much better when you have read the previous John's Korner strips all in a row, and this was a rare opportunity to allow those of us with the good taste to read Superosity every day to not lose the impact of such a punchline.

Perhaps John Korner should become a member of the regular cast. He seems like a nice guy. His show could be bought out by KTSC, and be integrated into Kids Incorporated. Kids Incorporated Featuring John's Korner... the thought brings a tear to my sore eyes.

Please note that natural tears can be an effective tool for relieving sore eyes.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Things Went Bad But All Is Well

It has been an unfortunate couple of weeks, with one piece of bad news having led to another. Chris Crosby's mother was taken to hospital with pancreatitis, and this left Chris feeling unable to work on Superosity for a while. This is an understandable reaction.

It is also unprecedented. The last thing to resemble a break in Superosity's steady update schedule was when a blackout made Chris unable to upload a couple of strips. Meanwhile, a Sluggy Freelance has regular breaks despite being the sole source of income for its creator.

Fortunately, Chris' mother has recovered and we are seeing a return to the diligent production of Superosity installments. Chris is even working extra time to catch up with where he would have been at this point if misfortune hadn't struck. This is a double dose of Superosity every day, folks. We can all be gay once again.

And to Chris' mother- get even weller soon. Illness does not befit the deific Crosby family.

Monday, July 7, 2008

I Am Not Yet Bored Of Boardy

I have encountered further points of note in the Chris-Boardy correlation, and am therefore inclined to relate them here.

Firstly, a blog rivalling for the affection of our esteemed webcomic author, Alan + Chris 4 Life, recently brought our attention to an alternate universe in which Boardy did not befriend Chris. What caused this to happen? Chris became obsessed with Don Johnson. Here I feel is further proof that Boardy's relationship with Chris is integrally related to Chris's relationship with pop culture.

Important observations have also been made by visitors to this blog. Colreid mentions that Boardy's jealousy of Arcadia could be the catalyst of Boardy's conversion to Dark Boardy, while an interchange betwixt zgyecp and anonymous makes a connection between Dark Boardy and the idea of becoming darker and edgier. I am ashamed to have neglected mentioning Dark Boardy up until this point, but these are fascinating insights. If Boardy associates a darker and edgier Orko with his own future conversion to Dark Boardy, Chris wasn't only defending Boardy's honour. He was defending Boardy's very sanity and sense of being! Further, if Boardy himself suspects that Arcadia might be leading him down the gloomy trail of Dark Boardiness, Chris punching out that hooligan writer might also give Boardy images of Boardy dumping Arcadia. This is the sort of complicated psychological play that you must look out for in a work of Chris Crosby's caliber.

Finally, let us quickly view two examples of Boardy's pleasure in Chris's attention. Heartwarming stuff. And maybe a little creepy.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

A retrospective on an anachronistic resurrectee

It is very hard to find particular Superosity strips in the Superosity archives! There are so many to sort through, and when you start looking you get distracted by so many great things. This has caused a delay in my attempts to fill the world with knowledge.

So now we know the truth about Original Movie. It was wrested from Chris's hands because he got angry with somebody who killed Orko.

It is interesting to see Boardy's reaction to this. He is proud of Chris. You may ask why. Well may you ask why. Why may you ask well? Well, Boardy cares little for He-Man personally. The reason must run deeper than that. And I think I have it.

At one point, and I can't find that point so shed a little tear for the missing hyperlink, Chris put a poster of Boardy up on his wall. In explanation of this, Chris said that Boardy was a crazy looking guy like Alf or Orko.

Boardy realises that part of his charm to Chris is that he is like a cartoon sidekick. In Boardy's mind, when Chris vehemently defends Orko's honour, Chris is defending Boardy's honour. This must make him as happy as if he had been given a new pair of gold shoes despite not having feet.

So Dracula from the future may be put off until the future, but a solid friendship is confirmed.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Is The Spelling For Original Movie Just As Good?

Now that Chris has finished his screenplay (leaving us to wonder whether Boardy caved and let him plagiarise his future self), let us cast our minds back to the last time he wrote a script.

Whatever happened to You Gonna Get Rich? It would have been a super fantastic show for those of us who like turning off the television with a vague desire to shoot ourselves in the head. It is a shame the end of the writer's strike undermined the budding series' marketability. With luck, it will be reprised as a subplot in Original Movie.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Plagiarising Spoilers

Time travel is one of the greatest things that almost seems possible but is possibly impossible. As a plot device it is both grand and groovy. It just generally wants to make you say gr. That means that grotesque and grisly are also valid adjectives, but let us stick with grand and groovy. As Superosity makes extensive use of time travel, we will abide no negative connotations.

What greater evidence is there of the virtues of temporal manipulation than seeing Boardy come back from a journey through time and space and accuse Chris of ripping off the very movie that he is making? If greater evidence does exist, it no doubt lies somewhere within Superosity's own archives.

There is however something sinister in that exchange. If it's so popular that Boardy has heard people talking about it, why did he not recognise the names of the creators? Is this an evil future in which movies do not credit directors and producers? Is someone going to usurp development of the movie? A dark edge adds to the complexity of this comic.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

When Slime Bastard gulps, so do we

Since my last post, I have discovered that Marlene suddenly being revealed as 19 has some similarities with a change recently imparted on some characters in the widely-beloved and widely-reviled PVP. That's Superosity for you, finger on the pulse and keeping up with the latest trends.

Today it was revealed that The Dracula movie is to have a monster called "Slime Bastard." It is a very sad thing when slime daddies leave slime mothers pregnant out of wedlock and then skedaddle. No wonder he is such an angry individual.

The most fascinating aspect of Slime Bastard's introduction is probably right here. In this strip, Chris announces that the monster which made Darlene faint and snuck up on Matthew McConaughey is animatronic. Then Matthew McConaughey is swallowed by the monster, and we are made to wonder... was Chris mistaken? Is it a real monster after all? The punchline would be funny whether there really was a midget in there or not. No sooner has our anxiety been allevieated than we are given reason to worry for Matthew McConaughey's life all over again.

The following strip concludes once and for all (probably) that the monster was animatronic. We see the angry midget who pilots the beast and apparently prefers to be called a "little person." After a three day journey, we can finally sit at complete ease. This is the sort of crazy roller coaster that Superosity takes us on all the time. It's a new heart attack every minute. No wonder Superosity has to pay such careful attention to the pulse.

Friday, May 30, 2008

A Link to the Present

I have mixed feelings about the hallowed halls of Superosity deigning to recognise this blog. On the one hand, a few human eyes might witness these tracts. On the other hand, clicking on that link may cause people to be briefly distracted from reading Superosity. The thought makes me sad. People who clicked on that link: please go back to reading Superosity. There is nothing to see here. People who aren't really here can stay as long as they like.

But holy sasquatch! Upcoming teen sensation Marlene turns out to be a very dimwitted 19 year old instead of a slightly dimwitted 16-or-so year old! Given her past infatuation with Bobby, this brings up issues of paedophilia. She is of voting age and he is not, yet their ages remain so close that they seem to fall within a moral grey area. This is a touchy issue that would have many an angry grandmother shake her walking frame threateningly above her head, but Superosity is too brave a strip to fear the repercussions of addressing important issues.

Let us ignore the fact that their ages must have remained in stasis for a little over nine years. This is one of those peculiarities that often occur in serial fiction when there are no live actors involved.

I can not speak for any Superosity-like creations from before what is in the archives, but it is worth remembering that Marlene is the first disposable character to occur in the Superosity archives unless you count Barton, but it took a very long time to dispose of that guy so he surely doesn't count. She is also the first female to appear. She is therefore historic. So historic!

As an aside, has anybody else noticed that Chris (the character) seems to be getting a little smarter? This guy did, and they hadn't even met before. The catalyst of the current story is a similar example. Perhaps Chris has a special power which causes a few extra brain cells to flare up in the presence of media executives. Does this mean he really is a superhero after all?!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

A poor overview of the past interval

I apologise for the long delay since my last post. The act of distilling Superosity's majesty is a daunting task. There comes a time in the performance of such a task when a humble being of the mortal inclination can't help but tremble and feel his spirit turn to a weak mush as the mind starts to throb with the inevitable question: "Why? Why do you think you are worthy of this?"

Yet what can one answer but that it is a task which needs doing, and who could possibly be worthy of the task? Is it perhaps the case that the only way to be rendered worthy is to claim the task for yourself? To have the courage to be the one to presume the right and in so doing earn it by default?

Plus I forgot my password.

Much has happened since last I last posted. Bobby showed us what a tough guy he is. We know that he's gruff, we know that he's tough enough to beat up the littlest kid in the world, but having the courage to thrash a big kid with a stupid name really shows that he shouldn't be messed with. In addition, this may be the first time that he beat the crap out of somebody and then made somebody else run in the opposite direction for an hour (I presume it was for an hour.)

Then in a tale of costume change we once again see the simmering conflict between Boardy and Arcadia. Boardy's sense of being usurped by Arcadia shares similarities with Chris's own feelings towards Boardy's love of Obama. It is a complex relationship but there is too much to catch up on.

And then Bobby demonstrates his talent for getting jobs in the media. Is it possible that the dour, cantankerous Ally will prove a match for Bobby? Is she Bobby's Arcadia in the way that Jetty became his Boardy? Will they battle for dominance instead of romancing? Or will we never see her again? Time will tell.

That is enough for now. There was too much to catch up on and a poor job was done as a result. I will return soon with a new excuse for doing an equally poor job. The current storyline's collaborative effort between Chris and Bobby is too good to miss. The teen sensation Marlene has returned, for one thing!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cody Jane Hart

Bobby, he who once pummeled the littlest kid at school, is now to have a fight with Cody Jane Hart. Cody Jane Hart is having deep philosophical thoughts about this. Superosity is so great.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

One-Shot? More like Cool-Ass-Shot!

Chris Crosby AKA Mr. Superosity brings forth his most magnificent of comics seven days a week in full colour. How does he do it while retaining the quality we have come to expect? Who knows? Maybe ambrosia features regularly in his diet.

The One-Shot Weeks are the closest things he gets to a holiday from his gruelling routine. Freed from the responsibility of making his daily punchlines relevant to an ongoing storyline, he puts his characters in brief situations where they can demonstrate their various traits. Today, Boardy reveals his hypocrisy. Recently, in a St. Patrick's Day Special, Alan revealed that he likes to be pinched. Even when Chris is taking a bit of a breather, the fun in Superosity Land simply does not cease.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Wallet's Rightful Place


They say you should never meet your heroes, and it seems Boardy has learnt this lesson for himself. Not that he was too badly disappointed, mind you, but Obama evidently didn't turn out to be the god that he expected.

The thing in this case is that Obama hopes to be a figurehead of government. His relation to divinity happens to be an important aspect of his viability in this chosen role. This may be a minor disappointment, but it may drastically affect Boardy's vote. Do boards even get a vote?

In a nice contrast, Chris is relieved that he is now less likely to lose his best friend. Does this make him a bad friend? Relishing in his friend's disappointment because it secures the friendship? It is one of many deep philosophical questions that Superosity likes to throw at us on a regular basis.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Wallet

So Boardy has found Obama's wallet. Where will this lead? If there are any jinks involved, you can be sure they won't be low. In fact, they will almost certainly be quite high indeed.

I do wonder if there is any money in that wallet. Is the Obama of the Superosity universe so humble that he does not keep money? Perhaps we will find out soon. It is very exciting.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Superosity is pretty good

Superosity is recognised in many circles as a webcomic that exists on the internet, but what most people don't seem to know is that it's a very good one.

Check today's one out. Boardy is all crazy now because of sudden political optimism. Simultaneous social commentary and character development, my friend. This is just one of many examples of Superosity being good.

I give the issue of Superosity linked herein an A+ out of a possible 50, giving Superosity a running total of way cool, man.