Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Present And Distant Past

In a startling move set to astound audiences and woo the future, Chris Crosby has made some of his catch-up strips retroactively topical to the archive date of their entries. Here we have Giz being excited about the Olympics on 8/8/08, and here we have a week-long story for Star Wars: The Clone Wars on the week in which it was released. Perhaps these were written on the appropriate days and it is just the drawing that Chris is catching up on? I don't know, I do not have the privileged knowledge of his inner circle. All I know is that integrating these topical subjects shows an experience with time travel that could only be rivalled by veteran Doctor Who writers.

Did you know that Boardy may have purposely let Chris forget about true love? Intriguing. That period also represents Superosity in top form, so reading through the archive from that strip on would be a good idea for people who like being happy. The dialogue for Professor Ashfield is brilliant enough that one can only wonder what would happen if Chris participated in a ressurrection of Ashfield Online. Maybe euphoria, maybe ecstasy, maybe both.

Or maybe Aric McKeown himself was responsible for those lines. I don't know. I do not have the privileged knowledge of his inner circle.

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