Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Happy New New Superosity Year Everybody

What a year of Superosity it has been, all amazing and hilarious as usual, and now it's all pretty in pink to boot. Of particular note is that the storyline dropdown has finally been updated, making it easier to hone in on particular favourites from the past few years.

There was quite a scare last calendar year, with all that fourth wall breaking. It is not common for Superosity, not on so large a scale. One time Chris snatched a strand of rain out of the air. Another time Boardy commented that Chris had a habit of scribbling out swears. These are not the same. Here was an entire storyline based around the characters potentially realising they were in a comic. For a while I wondered whether the series was trembling on the edge of collapsing on itself and ending forever, and I stood trembling on the edge of utter despair as I watched the proceeding. Masterful use of suspense, though I still have not gotten back in the habit of sleeping in complete ease. The calm will return, eventually.

Have fun continuing to read Superosity, everybody. It's what life was invented for. See you again in two years or one year... or maybe even sooner?

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Happy New Year, Everybody!

No, not that new year. The real new year. The anniversary of that day at which human culture peaked with the inception of Superosity. Modern civilisation is now 15 years old, may it ever prosper.

So many amazing things have happened in the past year. Too many to document. Did anybody notice the new Mars-based origin of Santa Claus, who was granted powers by a Martian wizard dressed like a solar politician? Could all these space references confirm the veracity of events depicted by a certain series of schools plays? Only time will tell, and time ain't talking.

I tried asking some thyme instead, but it told me I was partaking of a stupid pun which demarcated me as an individual well below its own intellectual status. It also pointed out that "ain't" isn't a real word. It refused to converse any further with me, completely ignoring me no matter what I said. I always knew herbs were a snobby form of flavouring. Henceforth it's nothing but good honest doses of salt, fat, and sugar for me.

The most exciting introduction from the past year, however, is very possibly a certain duck. What duck, you ask? If you have been reading Superosity you should already know. Well, don't worry, maybe we'll discuss that another day. No reason to let you gobble everything down at once.

Wait, it's turkeys that gobble. I should have said "no reason to serve all the quackers at once." For you to gobble up immediately, because they're all served up at once. I mean like crackers. "Crackers" sounds similar to "quackers."

Oh, duck it.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Quick Newsflash

Just a quick update to let you guys know: Superosity is excellent. I wrote a poem about it.

I haven't actually written it yet, I'm about to compose it right now, but by the time you read this it will already have been written. Time is a funny thing.

Superosity is really good.
My mother always says
It's better than food,
"Read it twice a day
And you're a cool dude."

Superosity is really great.
My father always says
It's better than dates,
"Read it twice a day
And you need never mate."

For Superosity, we must confess,
Is the answer to all duress.
Each time it updates read it twice
And everything will be super nice.

Friday, April 12, 2013

This Is The Way The World's Saved

Not with a bang but a whimper. You know what this means? It means that when Dan Akroyd flung Christ and Arcadia into the future, 1000 years after the demise of Earth, they were a whole 500 years further in the future than we thought! This changes everything.

It was perhaps an anticlimactic ending to what was to be the end of the world, but given that for most of the year the writing was sidetracked by the very first ever adventure in the Board Dimension, it can be forgiven. Nothing could have followed that without being overshadowed. Chris has probably made the most interesting point on the subject: Those Aliens sure are going to be confused.

Plenty more has occurred since I last dusted off this hunk of junk, and even more than that has transpired while I recovered from the intense coughing fit that resulted from inhaling so much dust. I have of course been desperately attempting to catch up on Superosity in the meantime. A most enjoyable series of unfortunate events has of course transpired. What will become of this charming little examination of nerd culture's recent attempt to withdraw into itself in the wake of popularisation? You probably already know. It played out a while ago, and sensible people haven't been distracted by the overwhelming affairs of everyday life. Sensible people have been reading Superosity every day and are already up to date. I like to think that if anybody reads this blog, such people are sensible people.

See you next time, folks. Remember to brush your teeth at least once a now and again.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Crisis On Infinite Superosities

Hold up, me lovelies. Take a bit of a gander at this:

Is this the seed of some grand shift in our understanding of Superosity continuity? It's hard to say. Perhaps Dr. Micron's hypothetical understanding of time travel is simply flawed. Nonetheless, in case something does indeed occur, I want to go down as the guy who mentioned it on the eve if its manifestation. If nothing of interest transpires, no matter. I'm taking this one shot at immortality.

Better the fool who took a chance and failed than the fool who took no chances and didn't succeed.

Monday, October 1, 2012


These past few months have been exciting for a Superosity reader. Every month is of course exciting for a Superosity reader on account of all the Superosity installments contained within each month, but these past few months have been made particularly exciting by the extra momentous nature of this period's Superosity installments.

There is much that could be said about this Board Dimension. More than enough to fill a Russian novel, although it must be admitted that most of the pages of a Russian novel are already filled with words so there isn't much space to fill in any case. If the pages of that Russian novel were blank, however? I believe those pages could readily be filled to the brim with interesting commentary on the Board Dimension. A writer-blocked Russian would probably be very relieved to have people like us around.

This is, after all, an adventure regarding one of Chris' most important relationships. We already had a massive adventure for his wife. That was his wedding, and it too was a momentous period. Now it is time to be momentous about other people. It is time to be momentous about his childhood friend, that companion and caregiver who has been there for him since before Arcadia ever taught him to see floating hearts. It is time for Boardy.

So much has happened. There is so much to say that there's no way it can all be said by one person. Let's see what other people have been saying:

Spoon says, "TOO MANY BOARDS. What is the world coming to"

What, indeed?

Milton says, "This is the best storyline."

This may be a controversial position to hold. There is no doubt that the best storyline in the world would necessarily be a Superosity storyline, but what is the best Superosity storyline? It's a tricky question. Milton thinks it's this one.

Perhaps it's not so controversial as all that: beyond the boundaries of this humble blog, people are saying such things as,

"I do very sincerely remark that this is the funniest, best written storyline yet," by Milton Bradley. It is hard to understand when people are being serious on the Superosity message board, it is possible that nobody is ever being serious on the Superosity message board, it is a difficult message board to get one's head around even if you are a Superosity fan yourself, but let us consider the possibility that in this case "sincerely" is meant sincerely. That would mean he meant it! Just like Milton.

Funny how they share the same name.

In the same forum, RevSam is expounding that "it's just sinking in how huge this storyline is! the origin of boardy COME ON." This really gets to the crux of the matter. It is a huge storyline. It has continued for nearly six months now, but its size goes beyond that. The events are so significant, they can safely be described as hugely so.

Ringading considers that "it is only comparable to that historic moment when Bobby beat the shit out of Marlene and ran in one direction for an hour." I think it is comparable to other things, but it is certainly something to think about I guess.

So five out of six extremely intelligent and interesting people (ie. Superosity readers) agree: this is quite a grand storyline to behold. That sixth guy probably agrees too, but he's so bewildered about the number of boards that he has no energy to say so. Is this true, Spoon? Feel free to let us know.

There is so much more to be said. The right thing to do would be to list these new boards and determine which one is everybody's favourite. The other right thing to do would be to make a poll on Facebook that helps people determine which board they are most similar to. These things should be done, but I won't do these things. What I will do is say more things about it. There are so many things to say. I will say some of them.


It will take some time to decide how to synthesise them. See you in another three months or so or less or more.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

All A Board

These are strange times. Not only has the venerable Sluggy Freelance scaled back its production schedule to three days a week, making Superosity's prodigious production even more impressive with its continued seven day weeks, but we have been treated to an entire universe filled to the brim with boards. You can't throw a board in this place without hitting a board. It's amazing.

We've gone from three proper named boards and a single sponge-based one to an entire universe-spanning population. It's amazing.

Does this mean the Boardy origin conundrum is now to be solved? One would expect so, but consider this: we have seen many an alternate Boardy. Are we to believe they all originate from the same universe? Maybe so. We will have to wait and find out.

Another question: does this universe contain board versions of the characters we all know and love? We will have to wait and find out.

Even more fascinatingly, is this a dimension called HEAVEN? Has Superosity finally gone too far? We will have to wait and find out.

Stay tuned. To Superosity, not to here, but maybe you could think about keep a little bit tuned into this place too if you happen to have a spare tuner lying around. No pressure or anything.