Saturday, October 25, 2008

Vote Early Vote Often

It's getting pretty darn cold around here. Way too cold to adequately express the joy that Superosity has been providing us lowly citizens of the world. Nonetheless, I heard an anonymous call for assistance echoing through the darkness and had no choice but to valiantly respond.

This current Superosity is intense. Chris turns out to be the sanest person in his new superhero team, he gets arrested for the insane actions of his colleagues, Boardy has to choose between his best friend and his hero, and then Chris hides out on the moon and meets his own hero who also happens to be a monster. With so much zany stuff happening, it's hard to point out any particulars for fear of offending the rest. You don't want to offend the rest, it wouldn't be fair.

It seems that the outcome of this storyline may partially hinge on the outcome of the US presidential elections. So forget about the issues, forget about which campaign uses the flashiest slogan, and vote entirely on the basis of what you want to happen in Superosity. It's the only sensible thing to do. Superosity is exactly five times more important than any looming recession or ongoing foreign war.

Consider that Boardy and Arcadia are teaming up to help Chris out. This could influence Boardy's future opinion of Arcadia and set the foundation for their future moon wedding featuring superheroes. They could even end up having the wedding early now that they have the moon and superheroes all neatly lined up in advance. And the emotional conflict of having to sabotage Obama's campaign could be just the thing to turn Boardy evil. This may be the most important storyline in a very long time, and you the readers (or those of you who are registered US voters) may have an opportunity to guide the nature of its course. Maybe. So please, don't throw your vote away thoughtlessly.