Monday, December 1, 2008

All The May'r's Look-Alike Kid

Alan's newfound brother has a passing resemblance to the mysterious Mr. Mayor. Are hairstyles hereditary? If not, they should be. Alan could be revealed as having mayoral blood, the next in line for the position of Super City Mayor!

Wistful speculation aside, I have made a disturbing observation. In response to my query about Bushes, the great zgeycp pointed me in the direction of the superfluous Bush's death. Further exploration then revealed to me this little guide. It clearly states that the dead Bush was Hobo Bush. It's Baseball Bush who is supposed to be dead. Yet the most recent Bush storyline names the living Bush as Hobo Bush, and demonstrates that he has memories of Hobo Bush's first meeting with Chris. Is this a continuity error, or is there an extra stage in the storyline that I am unaware of? I must take the long trek through the archives to find out.

No, surely it isn't a continuity error. If there's no Hobo Bush resurrection storyline already in place, this must be intended as the seed for a future plot. Surely. Superosity is flawless.