Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ghost Degusters

A recent addition to Wiki Superosity regarding Halloween has helped us recall a most interesting fact: the controversial subject of ghost eating has been broached in Superosity prior to 2009. In a 1999 crossover, Bobby consumed a ghostlike computer virus from an alternate dimension. Given this history of feasting on ethereal beings, it appears that Bobby's objection to Alan and Hedrick's plans may have stemmed from jealousy of his own record.

Later on, he may have also been jealous that he had to suffer indigestion while Alan got to become a homage to one of Arnold Schwarzenegger's greatest comedies. I refer of course to Kindergarten Cop- that bulge in his belly is clearly not a tumour.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Darkplace Darkplace Darkplace Darkplace


Those are some well drawn costumes. Looking at Bobby, I can't help but think "hey, didn't that guy end up playing the CEO in the second and third seasons of The IT Crowd?"

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How To Make Friends And Influence Idiots

Last week, we were given a rare insight into Bobby's inner self.

"You'll need to look menacing to impress idiots," he shouts at a crying baby ghost.

As we all know, Bobby's definition of "idiot" is "everybody." He hates everything. We have seen in the past that he can develop insane urges to try and impress people, but in one simple statement we see how his entire attitude works into a philosophy of seeking to impress the world.

Such an approach to life, coupled with a pure evil nature, could lead one to be president one day.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

We Weird Readers, Hand In Hand

Today we see the second part of a one-part series. If you're curious about the first and last part, it can be found here.

There is almost exactly one year between that final installment and this most recent one. In that time, the weirdo appears to have fallen into a state of even great dishevelment. It is perhaps a pitiful sight, but it is heartwarming to see that, even in these hard times, he can cling not only to his conviction that the Pope should be molested, but also to his notion that we are weird.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy Birthday To Chris Crosby

Chris Crosby is a chap responsible for various achievements including the invention of Superosity, making his birth one of the most important events of modern history. Yes, I know, so was Hitler, but I'm not going to let a little thing like Godwin's Law stop me from celebrating this occasion. It's not even a real law, you know.

Today when you log into the Blogspot account page a slice of birthday cake is pictured in front of the logo. That's how important and widely recognised Chris Crosby's birthday is.

ANOTHER FUN FACT: In 36.5 days Chris will be 32.1 years old. Consecutive numbers in descending order! That calls for further celebration... and, dare I hope, more cake?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How To Make Friends And Influence Mice

It appears that our conical helix has reached its height and plummeted directly back to the central bottom-most point. Now Chris is off to a party, and we're left with the scattered debris of his collapsed adventure. One piece of that debris is a mouse the size of a human! Astonishing.

But on to other things. On to a bygone time when all mice remained smaller than a shoebox, as nature intended. A time not long after all Martians had been made artificially puny, as nature may or may not have intended (it is at this point uncertain how nature feels about Martians.)

A time when mouse-sized antics were helping expose such evils as prejudice and bigotry.

I previously expressed concerns about the application of stereotyping in Superosity regarding mouse dietary habits. As in much fiction, it has Superosity has tended to assume that mice have an inordinate love for cheese, which is quite untrue. They do not turn their noses up at cheese (except perhaps in the act of sniffing it out,) but as omnivorous creatures mice have a variety of tastes and do not restrict themselves so obscenely. Having noted this prejudice, I postulated that as a perfect construction such as Superosity could not have done such a thing in error the use of this stereotype must have been purposefully put forth in a satirical light.

As it turns out, I was quite correct.

Even as I expressed those concerns, the very subplot was focusing on the issue of prejudice in a much larger way. Mice are brought to the brink of war with Martians just because Martians are different, Martians start to suspect mice are stupid just because of a few facts that lie outside of mouse understanding, and then along comes Chris and in Chris we see extreme cultural ignorance.

Just look at his patronising expression as he arrives to a mouse party wearing Mickey Mouse ears and carrying a bottle of oh-so-cute "tiny" wine. Is it any wonder that it came to fisticuffs? Yet Chris himself found reason to accuse the mice of bigotry.

There is a lesson in this subplot for all of us. It is easy to belittle a culture and see only one face of it. It is easy to see nothing more than differences, feel threatened by the differences, and view the bad points alone. This is not understanding. True understanding can only commence when you start to find the good in someone, such as his ability to beat you up. Then the first steps towards harmony be taken. Then you can open a dialogue, learn the virtues of the foreign culture, and invite a foreign culture to learn the virtues of your own. It is sad to think that each character may have only learnt parts of the lesson, leaving the reader alone to view it as a whole.

I can't wait until Mask finds out about Worrimer's new size!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mere Anarchy

Over the past few months we have seen Superosity unfold as an ever-widening gyre. Events have been spinning around events without quite touching one another, leaving an abundance of loose threads which are yet to be resolved. When and how will these resolutions come about? Will everything conclude as handily as it has been crafted? It is of course impossible to pre-empt the author on these matters, and it is frankly ridiculous of you to be hypothetically asking me these questions. You should be ashamed.

Nonetheless, what we can do is examine the story thus far and map out the aforementioned spiral.

I would draw out a diagram for your visual benefit, but my crude drawing abilities are such that I once did an innocent sketch of a duckling in a field of tulips which somehow appeared so outrageously pornographic that the courts officially declared me too irresponsible to inscribe any symbol other than the letters of the English alphabet. Yes, brothers and sisters, we live in a world of criminal convictions which disregard authorial intent in favour of abstract reinterpretation. This is truly the dystopian postmodern society that we have long dreaded.

(Incidentally, such a state of socially entrenched postmodernism semantically delegates the modernist phenomenon of futurism to the past. To live beyond contemporary (modern) times is seemingly to also live beyond future(ist) times. But here we're getting ahead of ourselves.)

So, for fear of the crunch of a truncheon across the rear of my skull, it is necessary to stick with description.

It can be fairly said that the beginning of this story arc lies at the point at which Lester is appointed Vice President and Chris becomes President. This is the point at which all prior issues become resolved. For this reason, the centre of our spiral, the lynchpin of all that has occurred thenceforth, could well be considered to be Chris' new job position. The events that have stemmed from this moment have been:

  • Chris found a need to earn the love of his brother-in-law-to-be
  • Which led him to make the Cool-Ass crew into a star ship crew
  • Which led him to launch the Cool-Ass building into outer space
  • Which led him to meet mischievious Martians who claim Chris as their creator
  • Which led him to organise a mass emigration of shrunken Martians
  • Which led him to try and market shrunken Martians as toys while wondering about kids today
  • Which was apparently abandoned when the shrunken Martians started walking outside of their globes and get involved in a dispute with the household mice
  • Which led Chris to shrink himself down and act as ambassador
  • Which, peace having been instituted, led Chris to agree to supersize Worrimer the mouse

Picture all of that organised as a conical helix spiralling out from the bottom point of Chris becoming Cool-Ass president and you will have a very pretty picture in your head indeed. If only I were allowed to draw it.

Of these plotlines, only the issue of mouse war appears to have been resolved (the toy thing has sort of been resolved but we haven't seen Mr. Richman's final analysis.) This has been and continues to be a deceptively elaborate storyline.

Next time: A closer examination of the subtext of mouse racism.

Meantime: Please add more entries to Wiki Superosity. It is a very important cause.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Hating Alien Meeces To Pieces

Superosity is a comic in which an attempt to win a fiance's brother's affection can lead to a mouse-on-miniaturised-Martian war of genocide with stuff like flying buildings and live performance space movies happening in between. This is a good choice for a fresh example to use in case anybody asks you to remind them what makes Superosity so great.

We also now have particular mice established as regular characters. Once upon a time they would be anonymous beings. Giz would interact with these enigmatic beings as though he were Garfield and Mask would interact with them as though he were Tom of Tom and Jerry fame. Now we have Curtis and that other guy have making a return for a second story, after their debut in Mask's guts, and it may be that the Superosity animal kingdom is all the richer for their presence.

It should be noted that the representation of mice as being smitten with cheese is a stereotype, however. Mice like lots of other foods too, and often seem to actually love grain more than they love cheese. We will have to consider the representation of mouse dietary habits in Superosity to be a parody of mouse racism, as it is impossible to accept the possibility that Superosity could be guilty of a hate crime.

Monday, June 22, 2009


Currently in its nascent stages somewhere on the web, probably around about here, lies the Superosity Wiki. We can all thank the efforts of zgeycp in lamenting the lack of such a Wiki, and deepskyfrontier in approaching Chris about it, and Chris for assenting to the request.

Now we must fill it with the jewels of Superosity lore. Just think, next time your grandmama asks what this Superosity jag is all about, you can just point her towards http://www.wikisuperosity.com and have her read all about it. She will be amazed, she will be impressed, she may well even pat you on the head and give you a freshly baked cookie.

That's http://www.wikisuperosity.com, soon the place to go when you need to wise up on Superosity arcana.

Chris The Manager

When Chris first received his current managerial role, I intended to point out various examples in which he has demonstrated aptitude in similar positions, such as the time he convinced Zazno to become his slave instead of vice versa. A combination of laziness and more laziness prevented me from doing so, but developments since then have shown just how relevant this observation was. With the aid of a few rockets strategically attached to the Cool Ass building, the current storyline has become a sequel to the original epic Superosity space saga.

Then, with the addition of some little green men who claim Chris as their creator, the storyline becomes linked with Original Movie, another storyline in which Chris took something of a leadership role. Are these the ancestors of the beings who are to one day make Original Movie into a cult classic? There are certain similarities between the appearances of the two.

And if Chris is their creator, that could go some way towards explaining their mental retardation.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Free-Roaming Dogs Suck

Let us all gaze upon Mask, committed whinger that he is, as he complains about the outdoors being wet while also complaining about his only source of shelter which also happens to be the moistest object he is in contact with.

There are a great many people in Superosity who complain pettishly. Mask, Bobby, Barton, Alan's embittered mother... but this is probably my favourite. That zany spoiled brat.

I have no great insights today. If you desire more intriguing observations, check out the exciting discussion about Lester's relationship with Chris (and Lester's extreme modesty regarding bare shoulders) in the comments for the post below this one. I promise you won't be disappointed- unless of course you have unreasonably high expectations, in which case you have nobody but yourself to blame for any disappointment you may experience.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Alan Plus Chris At The Movies

That other guy seems to have dropped his game a bit, so I think it's time for me to swoop in and steal his girlfriend.

Chris and Alan are two characters who have very little interaction. Sure, Chris is aware of Alan, and Alan knows who Chris is, and they've even been on a time travelling adventure together. It's just that they rarely interact- even in that time travelling adventure Alan mostly tagged along in the background before delivering the hilarious punchline with characteristically superb comic timing.

It has been painstakingly noted before by someone or other that despite this strange distanced orbiting of one another, the two characters have a multitude of fundamental similarities. It is with some pleasure that I am the first to provide a link to the most explicit example of this to date.

And now that Alan is going to see Chris' movie, we may be well positioned to expect more such intermingling of tandem pop-cultural observations. Could this be the beginning of a beautiful friendship? Will Chris continue to consider Alan as that weird kid, blissfully unaware of the self-deprecation contained in such a designation? Stay tuned.

To Superosity, I mean. Not this place. This place's output is so completely sporadic that you probably have time to tune out and make a few massive sandwiches before there will be anything new here.

Friday, May 1, 2009

What Is Superosity, Anyway?

Superosity is delicious. It is the very essence of joy. When life gets me down, Mrs. Brown, and things seem hard or tough, it's Superosity which brings things back into perspective. When I'm feeling pimply and my knees are turning blue, it's Superosity which eases my nervousness. A cure to despair procured from a strange man in the unexpectedly dusty corner of a garish casino. Superosity is a full pack of cards and each one a Joker. A wild ride to the legendary all-you-can-eat buffet with nothing but seafood. And ice cream. As sobering a dose of unreality as half a bottle of gin swallowed in one gulp after a hard day in the salt mines, the remainder of the bottle being reserved for after you've vomited up the first half.

Without Superosity, the world would be a cold place indeed. It is hard to imagine how humanity ever existed prior to its creation.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Short Textual Novelette

A short graphic novella which asks you to buy it in the very last panel, the one point at which you have certainly already read the entire thing! It's like Steal This Book, except completely different!

Perhaps I will get my act together and say things I want to say one day. Please buy this Short Textual Novelette.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weird Science

Oho! So now new Barton makes his own observation about weirdness. Will everybody now take turns distributing similar claims? Probably not, but just in case we had better start keeping a tally:

Reader thinks the weird guy is weird.
Weird guy thinks the reader is weird.
Boardy thinks Chris is weird.
New Barton thinks Chris is weird.
Chris thinks Snap owning new Barton is weird, and so might now think Snap is weird.

So that's one weird point for the weird guy, one weird point for you and I and the general audience, two weird points for Chris, and a possible weird point for Snap.

With two weird points, Chris is currently the weird one.

Friday, March 27, 2009

An Oddity Or Two

Ever since my first birthday (where I made merry and coloured it with enamel), I have been trying to write an account of Barton. But he is a major character and it is difficult to decide how to approach the subject without writing too much. And I am lazy.

In the meantime, note the correlation between this latest offering and this Sunday feature from days that once were. However, this time things aren't so certain... who's the weird one? Just one of thirty four kajillion little touches that make Superosity special.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy First Anniversary Superosity Makes Me Gay!

One year ago I discovered my purpose in life: to tell the world just precisely how splendiferously fantastic the underacclaimed webcomic Superosity is, and maybe also reclaim the definition of "gay" if feasible. I quickly determined that the best way to do so would be to start a blog and not tell anybody about it. Superosity Makes Me Gay was the end result of this thought process. The bastard child of a pair of brain cells not quite managing to climb over one another.

One year has passed and the mission has proceeded smoothly. At least three people and maybe even four have now read the celebratory words herein. One of those people was even the very creator of Superosity himself! The first year was indeed a fine year of preaching to a very small and inattentive choir. I have a feeling that the second will be even better!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy Tenth Anniversary Superosity!

Superosity turns white to commemorate the completion of its tenth year! It is the magical every colour which is also no colour at all. Let us put on our novelty "10" monocles and tape 1s over the 0s to celebrate this momentous occasion.

Superosity Makes Me Gay will have its first anniversary ten days after Superosity had its tenth. This was of course the plan from the very beginning.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

It's Like Green Hulk And Red Hulk

An evil alternate Chris hoarding a collection of alternate Boardies for some nefarious purpose! Intense! Who knows? It may even end up becoming in tents.

I did not initially notice it, but in Monday's comic Chris' snoozing sound melds together with the sound of the other Chris popping into his universe. That's some pretty neato onomatopeia right there. And let me tell you something else- I very nearly spelled "onomatopeia" correctly on the first try. Making observations about onomatopeia and spelling onomatopeia seem to be two things that I'm only capable of doing on a second viewing.

Monday, February 9, 2009

All Eyes On Hedrick

Unless this is a One-Shot Week, it's possible that we're about to get a clearer understanding about the difference between timelines and universes as they pertain to Superosity. This would be good, as I've had some trouble getting the whole thing straight in my head and apparently it's too complicated for Baby Bush to understand.

With Valentine's Day coming up so close to a possible alternate universe line, it may be possible that we're also going to see shenanigans akin to those told between the classic storylines Pesh Me Twice, Shame On Me and Still The One True Love. Oh, all this speculation makes my innards go tingly.

As we wait for events to unfold, let us consider the two recent consecutive comics running from here to here. It is an odd moment. The storyline disappears without warning and in lieu of a punchline we see Hedrick craving a corn dog. The next day, we simply observe Hedrick consuming his corn dog with obvious satisfaction and then indicating that it is this corn dog which has rounded out this day and committed it to that hall reserved for Hedrick's Great Adventures.

It is made more eerie when you realise that he closes his eyes at the first bite, and is thus being observed by the green guy. You know the one. The one who stares at him when he closes his eyes.

All the other characters simply fade away and for one tender moment of reflection the world is privately shared by us, Hedrick, and an invisible green guy.

Monday, February 2, 2009

This Year Revisited

Welcome back. I will start my first proper post for the year by reviewing the now-complete 2008 season of Superosity. It was simply Superosity,with everything that being Superosity entails. That's all that needs to be said about that. Now let us have a closer look at other things.

Stealing From O.J is a classic Superosity adventure. Not only is it the third time travel story, but it was the first time we got to see Chris enacting his pre-Cool Ass money acquisition procedure. So seeing the Superosity timeline catch up with the alternate timeline of the Stealing From O.J story is quite an experience for the hardcore Superosity fan.

Incidentally, being a hardcore Superosity fan is a prerequisite for being a human of worth. When we finally have to evacuate the planet and there aren't enough ships for everybody, the first point in the screening process will be to separate the hardcore Superosity fans from everybody else. Those in the "everybody else" group will be immediately incinerated to make the selection easier. Maybe one person from the group will be salvaged so that he or she can be kept in a zoo to help us recall the dark past when there was such a thing as a human who was not a hardcore Superosity fan. We must always remember our evils so that we do not repeat them.

But that's in the shining days of our future. Today we must consider the days of Superosity past, when Boardy's practice of vaporising alternate personas was quite an ethical error, as the reality was that the alternate timelines continued in alternate universes. He is probably very ashamed of it, and has indeed admitted that his previous limitation of knowledge in this field was his biggest weakness. But by the year 2009 he has gained a better understanding of alternate universes and is able to travel between them. And, it seems, this alternate Boardy had gained the same capacity by this time as well. He only pretended to vaporise himself! Why did he pretend to vaporise himself? So he could abandon Kato and marry alternate Arcadia!

If alternate Boardy had lust or love for alternate Arcadia, could it be that our Boardy has secret lust or love for our Arcadia? It has now become a startling possibility.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dead But Still Breathing

It may look bad that I am yet to write any posts this year, but I have not forgotten about this blog and have not fallen out of love with Superosity. It simply takes a lot of effort to write what I want to write, and oftentimes I try but get distracted by reading Superosity.

While you wait, check out some extreme skateboarding.