Wednesday, March 19, 2008

One-Shot? More like Cool-Ass-Shot!

Chris Crosby AKA Mr. Superosity brings forth his most magnificent of comics seven days a week in full colour. How does he do it while retaining the quality we have come to expect? Who knows? Maybe ambrosia features regularly in his diet.

The One-Shot Weeks are the closest things he gets to a holiday from his gruelling routine. Freed from the responsibility of making his daily punchlines relevant to an ongoing storyline, he puts his characters in brief situations where they can demonstrate their various traits. Today, Boardy reveals his hypocrisy. Recently, in a St. Patrick's Day Special, Alan revealed that he likes to be pinched. Even when Chris is taking a bit of a breather, the fun in Superosity Land simply does not cease.


Anonymous said...

Both those link to the same comic.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou sir, it is now fixed. A grievous error.