Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Spy Who Came In With The Cold Blood

With the introduction of the Reptillian alien race, one can't help but wonder about the implications for the secret Lizard kingdom. These Reptillian beings, they are like Doctor Who's Silurians. Except they're not from Earth. Or at least if they are from Earth they fly around their home planet in spaceships for some reason. In any case, they clearly hope to be the planet's dominant race and it seems probable that Burt Reynolds would have a hand (or claw?) in any such play for power.

Reptillians are the latest in what has come to be a very complicated intergalactic landscape. It could be argued that the variety of alien species is one of the richest elements of Superosity's mythology. This argument would be made easy by the vague qualification "one of." It would be made difficult by the sheer richness of Superosity's elemental table. Regardless, I maintain that Superosity's extraterrestrial scope is impressive.

There was a time when this range was centred on and pretty much limited to those gray aliens, a parody of your classic Roswell alien with paler skin flying about in saucers to partake of recreational abductions. This parody by itself was rich in detail-- the way they remained unnamed and were referred to only by reputation, the way their lack of emotions played upon ideas about scientific purity, and of course their compulsive abduction habit. Never before had such a simple caricature been so nuanced. At least, this was arguably one of the times after the period in which no simple caricature had previously been so nuanced that there was so much nuance in a simple caricature .

They were great (in the sense of quality), but space is greater (in the sense of size) [note to self: if you have to explain a turn of phrase don't use it] {other note to self: shut up, you're not the boss of me}. It came to seem a bit of a shame to focus the examination of alien life on just the one parody, especially when time travel had been partaken of so adeptly.

This all changed with the massive story arc that began with Space Is Keen, the most thorough exploration of Superosity's contemporary universe to date. In one extraordinarily lengthy fell swoop, Superosity's spacescape was filled with life. Most importantly, this is where we first learnt of the cannibalistic Venusians, the beings currently harbouring Chris' parents in law. But this is not all we gained. It also sowed the seeds for lunatic filth-filled dictatorships, fugitive spaceballs, extraterrestrial omnipotence, and many others. Wacky Martians would also eventually come to be in consequence of this landmark occasion. Today the region of Superosity's outer space is at least as compelling as its future histories and parallel Earths.

So, Reptillians, we welcome your entry into the realm of Superosity's contemporary species. You are part of what has come to be a great (in the sense of both quality and size) legacy. Please don't nibble on me.

Oh, and happy birthday to our dimension's very own Chris Crosby.