Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Yearosity, Superosites

2010 may have been the least productive year for Superosity Makes Me Gay, but it has been a spectacular year for Superosity. With Chris finally married, the most significant shift in the comic's dynamic since Barton dying, we wait to see what this means for the strip as a whole.

Arcadia indicates that little has and will change, but there is more to be taken from that exchange. There is possible foreshadowing. There is the way in which their view of their respective situations is revealed: Arcadia sees Boardy's concern as being about the intrusion on his world, while Boardy sees his concern as the danger of Chris being hurt. This tension will likely prove a fertile ground for story in the future.

We have also seen that Arcadia is similarly protective of Chris, so it will be interesting to see what happens with two defenders in the nest... or, you know, a relevant metaphor that actually makes sense. Boardy and Arcadia have an overlapping perception of their respective roles regarding Chris is what I'm saying.

Plus Spaceball's story remains a cliffhanger waiting to be revisited.

Perhaps 2011 will be a better year for Superosity Makes Me Gay. I make no promises except for the promise to make outlandish excuses. It matters little. Superosity remains a giant monument to brilliance, and this tribute blog can never achieve anything more than hunch in its shadows with a laser pointer, occasionally highlighting tiny little flecks of its magnificent surface. Have a nice year, and may your 2011 goggles serve you well throughout.

Monday, October 4, 2010

A Ball Of A Different Manner

In a perfect world, one could read and write about Superosity all day long. This is not a perfect world, and never will be save for the brief period between aliens bringing world peace and somebody translating their mysterious book to discover that it's a cookbook.

A great many noteworthy things have occurred during this particular landmark period of Superosity, including the addressing of an issue that we weren't even aware of being an issue: the strange case of Arcadia's parentage. I suppose Dark Boardy is trying to ensure his own creation or something? I dunno. It would be overwhelming to attempt to address everything. Let us instead return to the start and re-engage with a relatively insignificant aspect that, having been left unresolved, is bound to raise its head again one day in the future. The return of Spaceball.

It is no secret that children's, or "family," media is a major part of Superosity. To call the main character Chris a manchild would be understating the case- his development was arrested so unequivocally that it was shunted directly to the head of death row and now lies buried somewhere in unhallowed ground. So when, long ago, a space-borne character modelled off Madballs was introduced, it was not the least bit outlandish. Some comics might have made do with the Madball reference and left it alone. Superosity, having inured us to eclectic references, had to one-up that by making the brief side-plot which ensued, with its surprise twist ending, was perhaps the greatest moment of that expedition in space.

The return of Spaceball is not likely to match the elegance of that fortnight-and-a-half story which marked his introduction. It is big, it is bold, it contains criminality and the most pervasive alien race of the entire comic. Yet it also brings the little narrative that I've been trying to concoct full circle. It contains two of the most fitting family-movie-like vignettes that Superosity has ever produced. And it does it with an eerie humourlessness that makes the moments stick out of the gag-a-day comic like an image in a 3D movie.

Just look at this. Chris can already fly through space in his nanorobotic suit. That's not the point. That's not the joy of the moment. This is Bastian riding upon Falkor. This is David Freeman navigating Trimaxion's craft for the very first time.

Now examine the stark contrast of the following week's Sunday. This is Elliot trying to convince a world of stubborn adults that ET poses no threat. This is Ernie Henderson trying to come to terms with Harry Henderson's danger.

There are no jokes here. Just the throbbing pulse of Superosity's soul briefly rising to the surface before being pulled back into the depths of its raging chaos. Simple references without elaboration, and yet moments too special to be described with an unmixed metaphor. And they are great.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

To The Moon, Alan

Chris' new wife has been corrupted yet again, as originally seen back in the original You Gotta Have Hearts storyline. As this is a repeat of the events which led up to the original placement of the wedding date, there is some probability that this story has been in the works for five years now. It's all very exciting. Maybe we'll even find out how exactly the phrase "I'm all heart" worked to free Arcadia.

But let us move away from these action packed sequences and move back to a more sedate region, where a bewildered audience continues to fret over the outcome. Where a certain Alan, possibly continuing to make googly eyes at Deepskyfrontier, no doubt continues to wear his favourite shirt beneath his suit. A shirt supposedly depicting the very celestial object upon which he is currently standing.

This shirt, this moon-shirt if you will, was recently described to Bobby as having been bought because the picture was mistaken for a golf ball. There is a contradiction here- once upon a time Alan told Terrence Baum that the picture was in fact drawn on by hand. There is the further matter that Bobby claimed that it looked like one of Mickey Rooney's balls, when it has previously been surreptitiously demonstrated that Mickey Rooney's naked arse bears a very good resemblance albeit in a different colour. It's worth also noting that a naked posterior is frequently referred to as a "moon."

All these factors add up to one thing: confusion. But it is a tantalising confusion, one that suggests exciting possibilities. Did Alan purchase a shirt while mistaking the image for one of a golf ball, and later mistake the label to be making reference to the lunar moon rather than Mickey Rooney's moon? Did he come to like the shirt so much that he made another one by drawing a picture on a plain shirt? It's a mystery.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wedding Update

Deepskyfrontier and Sgeo have informed me that the date of the recent wedding is exactly ten years after Arcadia's first appearance, an anniversary that was revealed to be the planned wedding date back in 2005. This self-imposed deadline may partly explain the reason for the story arc coming to the point so quickly. The fact that it happened to fall on a Sunday is surely a small insight into how much of a well-oiled machine Superosity truly is.

It also turns out that the nondescript person to the far right of the wedding comic's first panel is Deepskyfrontier himself. The jerk no doubt took Corey Feldman's place, leaving poor Corey to scrounge up salted rust flakes for dinner instead of feasting on delicious wedding cake. Alan appears to fancy Deepskyfrontier however, so it may turn out for the best. With luck there may be more Superosity wedding bells ringing in 9 years and 352 days.

Sgeo notes that the date was set during the same storyline that revealed the truth of the nano-robotic hearts. Given the hooplah immediately following, and the fact that we are yet to see how Boardy ruins Chris' wedding (not to mention which Boardy is to ruin Chris' wedding), this may be a note worth noting.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Holy Matrimony, Batman!

There are no words. There ARE NO WORDS. I'm going to try and write some anyway.

After all this time, the moment of Chris and Arcadia's marriage came upon us with such unexpectedly sudden rapidity that we are left blinking in shock. When Dark Boardy first peshed in and foreshadowed the upcoming wedding, I doubt I was the only one to take it as just another reference to some future point which may never truly come. He was scared away, a new future Boardy was introduced, it was all jolly good lighthearted Superosity fun. There was no solid indication that anything substantial was to come of it.

So when events continued to pile up and almost immediately snowballed into the moment itself, one can't help being stunned. None of the usual cues were present. When it came to it, there was none of that heavy-handed dithering and procrastination that you see in other, lesser productions. Superosity eschews all that with cunning parody- Chris becomes stunned at news that ALF is going to be rebooted and doesn't snap out of it until the very moment that the mishap could have spoiled the event. Then, when he does snap out of it, it's with the cliched scream of "objection" that has haunted so many fictional weddings since the day one such exclamation managed to single-handedly double the length of Jane Eyre. Only it's the ALF reboot he's objecting to, not the wedding itself. Our cultural expectations are both met and ridiculed. Well done, Superosity.

Yet what we are seeing here may be a moment just as disconcerting as a reboot- it may be that Superosity has discovered its heavenly origin. I do not think so, I think Master Crosby has the talent to naturally integrate these developments into his work with seamless aplomb, but we are left watching and waiting and maybe worrying a little. Perhaps we can at least feel reassured by Arcadia's assent with the use of a time-honoured Superosity catch phrase.

Still, for all that, there are no words.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

An Institute You Can't Disparage

We are witnessing a very strange and exciting era for Superosity. Time was that the only major upheaval to Superosity was the classic death of Barton. Sure, Snap had been made a superstar and has since become a little washed out. Sure, we've picked up a couple of extra proper Boards and a sponge-based Board over time. But these incidental events feel commonplace and banal in the world of Superosity. Barton's death-- a major character completely removed from continuity-- now there was a change!

Recently we had another major change- Snap has usurped Mr. Richman as the owner of Cool-Ass Industries. This completely overhauls aspects of the character relationships within the comic. Mr. Richman has always been the boss guy, even when he wasn't the boss. Well, except when Lester was the boss guy. Mr. Richman was reduced to being a boss guy during that period. But now he isn't the boss of anything at all, and this is an amazing development.

Then Barton was brought back to life. It appeared that maybe only one thing can be particularly different in Superosity at any one time.

Until now. Now we've got what may be the Superosity event of the millennium: Chris' marriage! We've been waiting on this such a long time that it just doesn't feel real. This is such an important aspect of Superosity that, back in the day, Chris (the comickeer) turned to the readers asking the direction they wanted for Chris (the Superosity character) and Arcadia. Is it really going to happen now? If so, is it influenced by the outcome that we voted for all those years ago in that early instance of webcomics 2.0?

There are major fault lines forming in the status quo, and us witnesses watch in awe as we wait to see how it holds up.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Grooming A Fool

My friends, this is even bigger news! Can Superosity ever stop amazing and exciting us? Probably not. With such things afoot, will I ever get around to writing about various other things I've been planning to? Probably not all of them- many have become half forgotten in the years that they have been waiting under the wing.

Yet in the midst of all this excitement and the dull jingaling of wedding bells resonating from the future, it's worth taking the time to step back and highlight this peripheral exchange. For one thing, it reminds us that this is an April Fool's Day comic (as opposed to March Eighth), and that Dark Boardy's has a prior record of being naughty for such an occasion. We are made to wonder whether this hint of an impending wedding is another such instance, which creates some dramatic tension.

At the same time, it has one of the twistiest games of logic rhetoric has ever produced. Sure, it's a supergenius outwitting a manchild, but that doesn't undermine the exchange too greatly. Where else can we see somebody start out apologising, but then force the apologisee to become the apologiser by way of retracting that very apology?

There are no doubt other places, but none of them would be Superosity. Because, Superosity? That is this place.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Something Wicked This Way Comes

There are other things that I've been meaning to get into, but this is big news!

For more information about Dark Boardy, see... oh darn. Nobody has gotten around to putting a Dark Boardy entry into Wiki Superosity, the Superosity wiki. Well, you can read the article on contemporary Boardy anyway. There's also a great Superosity storyline involving Dark Boardy called Pesh Me Twice, Shame On Me if you want to seek it out amongst the old Superosity storylines, of which there is in fact an exhaustive list at the Superosity wiki. There wasn't a few moments ago because of some spammy wankbots, but I heroically saved the day by putting it back the way it was.

That is all for now, for as great as Superosity is I am not so great. I am lazy. Adieu.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Eleventh Anniversary Superosity!

Enjoy year twelve while you can, for I have it on good authority that next year is unlucky.

To celebrate this auspicious event, read the comments section for this blog's previous post and see deepskyfrontier prove that Alan has a superior leap to that of the mightiest Martian hopper. Using mathematics, I think (I can't tell for sure because my parents could only afford to get me a holistic education- "holistic" being a fancy word meaning "filled with holes.")

Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Very Superosity Leap Year

One decade over, a new decade begins. Let us pray that it is to be filled to the brim with Superosity goodies- Superosity trade paperbacks, Superosity movies, Superosity television series, Superosity live action spinoff movies, Superosity Happy Meals containing Superosity figurines made with poisonous chemicals which lead to product recalls and super-inflated collector's value.

Superosity, not content to do the obvious thing and mark the change with much more than a comment about decade names and a New Year's novelty glasses gag, chose to use the New Year's Eve celebration as a vehicle for massive unrelated plot points. Mr. Richman has been replaced by Snap as owner of Cool-Ass Industries and Barton prime is returned from the afterlife. This is big news!

Here at Superosity Makes Me Gay, we are not so ingenius as the comic which we are formed to adulate. Instead, we ask the most pressing question of the year: who was the greatest leaper
hopper of bygone 2009? The light green Martian or Alan?