Thursday, May 29, 2008

A poor overview of the past interval

I apologise for the long delay since my last post. The act of distilling Superosity's majesty is a daunting task. There comes a time in the performance of such a task when a humble being of the mortal inclination can't help but tremble and feel his spirit turn to a weak mush as the mind starts to throb with the inevitable question: "Why? Why do you think you are worthy of this?"

Yet what can one answer but that it is a task which needs doing, and who could possibly be worthy of the task? Is it perhaps the case that the only way to be rendered worthy is to claim the task for yourself? To have the courage to be the one to presume the right and in so doing earn it by default?

Plus I forgot my password.

Much has happened since last I last posted. Bobby showed us what a tough guy he is. We know that he's gruff, we know that he's tough enough to beat up the littlest kid in the world, but having the courage to thrash a big kid with a stupid name really shows that he shouldn't be messed with. In addition, this may be the first time that he beat the crap out of somebody and then made somebody else run in the opposite direction for an hour (I presume it was for an hour.)

Then in a tale of costume change we once again see the simmering conflict between Boardy and Arcadia. Boardy's sense of being usurped by Arcadia shares similarities with Chris's own feelings towards Boardy's love of Obama. It is a complex relationship but there is too much to catch up on.

And then Bobby demonstrates his talent for getting jobs in the media. Is it possible that the dour, cantankerous Ally will prove a match for Bobby? Is she Bobby's Arcadia in the way that Jetty became his Boardy? Will they battle for dominance instead of romancing? Or will we never see her again? Time will tell.

That is enough for now. There was too much to catch up on and a poor job was done as a result. I will return soon with a new excuse for doing an equally poor job. The current storyline's collaborative effort between Chris and Bobby is too good to miss. The teen sensation Marlene has returned, for one thing!


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Coreyarty said...

I too am in agreement, with your own self and then my own self recursively.

CR said...

Perhaps the Boardy / Arcadia relationship will one day boil over, leading to the events that transform Boardy into Dark Boardy. This will be something to watch for, I'm sure.