Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Tantalising Revelation

Way back in the not-so-long-ago, this blog started with a look at Boardy's obsession with Obama, so it was nice to see that subplot continued in this amusing little Sunday strip. More importantly though...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Present And Distant Past

In a startling move set to astound audiences and woo the future, Chris Crosby has made some of his catch-up strips retroactively topical to the archive date of their entries. Here we have Giz being excited about the Olympics on 8/8/08, and here we have a week-long story for Star Wars: The Clone Wars on the week in which it was released. Perhaps these were written on the appropriate days and it is just the drawing that Chris is catching up on? I don't know, I do not have the privileged knowledge of his inner circle. All I know is that integrating these topical subjects shows an experience with time travel that could only be rivalled by veteran Doctor Who writers.

Did you know that Boardy may have purposely let Chris forget about true love? Intriguing. That period also represents Superosity in top form, so reading through the archive from that strip on would be a good idea for people who like being happy. The dialogue for Professor Ashfield is brilliant enough that one can only wonder what would happen if Chris participated in a ressurrection of Ashfield Online. Maybe euphoria, maybe ecstasy, maybe both.

Or maybe Aric McKeown himself was responsible for those lines. I don't know. I do not have the privileged knowledge of his inner circle.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

John's Krazy Korner

It appears that Chris Crosby has cheated a little to help him catch up. For a few strips in a row he has used the same joke of Boardy being perplexed with the sight of a man standing still on television. This is fine by me. I don't mind when he takes shortcuts for no announced reason, so I certainly don't mind when he does it for a very good reason.

The comic timing remains at its usual top quality. It even takes advantage of the fact that he is putting Chris is now putting up a few strips a day. This startling revelation works much better when you have read the previous John's Korner strips all in a row, and this was a rare opportunity to allow those of us with the good taste to read Superosity every day to not lose the impact of such a punchline.

Perhaps John Korner should become a member of the regular cast. He seems like a nice guy. His show could be bought out by KTSC, and be integrated into Kids Incorporated. Kids Incorporated Featuring John's Korner... the thought brings a tear to my sore eyes.

Please note that natural tears can be an effective tool for relieving sore eyes.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Things Went Bad But All Is Well

It has been an unfortunate couple of weeks, with one piece of bad news having led to another. Chris Crosby's mother was taken to hospital with pancreatitis, and this left Chris feeling unable to work on Superosity for a while. This is an understandable reaction.

It is also unprecedented. The last thing to resemble a break in Superosity's steady update schedule was when a blackout made Chris unable to upload a couple of strips. Meanwhile, a Sluggy Freelance has regular breaks despite being the sole source of income for its creator.

Fortunately, Chris' mother has recovered and we are seeing a return to the diligent production of Superosity installments. Chris is even working extra time to catch up with where he would have been at this point if misfortune hadn't struck. This is a double dose of Superosity every day, folks. We can all be gay once again.

And to Chris' mother- get even weller soon. Illness does not befit the deific Crosby family.