Sunday, August 10, 2008

John's Krazy Korner

It appears that Chris Crosby has cheated a little to help him catch up. For a few strips in a row he has used the same joke of Boardy being perplexed with the sight of a man standing still on television. This is fine by me. I don't mind when he takes shortcuts for no announced reason, so I certainly don't mind when he does it for a very good reason.

The comic timing remains at its usual top quality. It even takes advantage of the fact that he is putting Chris is now putting up a few strips a day. This startling revelation works much better when you have read the previous John's Korner strips all in a row, and this was a rare opportunity to allow those of us with the good taste to read Superosity every day to not lose the impact of such a punchline.

Perhaps John Korner should become a member of the regular cast. He seems like a nice guy. His show could be bought out by KTSC, and be integrated into Kids Incorporated. Kids Incorporated Featuring John's Korner... the thought brings a tear to my sore eyes.

Please note that natural tears can be an effective tool for relieving sore eyes.

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Coreyarty said...

Don't worry chaps, there's little danger of Superosity really using my ideas. You will continue to get the same quality comics that you know and love.