Thursday, June 26, 2008

A retrospective on an anachronistic resurrectee

It is very hard to find particular Superosity strips in the Superosity archives! There are so many to sort through, and when you start looking you get distracted by so many great things. This has caused a delay in my attempts to fill the world with knowledge.

So now we know the truth about Original Movie. It was wrested from Chris's hands because he got angry with somebody who killed Orko.

It is interesting to see Boardy's reaction to this. He is proud of Chris. You may ask why. Well may you ask why. Why may you ask well? Well, Boardy cares little for He-Man personally. The reason must run deeper than that. And I think I have it.

At one point, and I can't find that point so shed a little tear for the missing hyperlink, Chris put a poster of Boardy up on his wall. In explanation of this, Chris said that Boardy was a crazy looking guy like Alf or Orko.

Boardy realises that part of his charm to Chris is that he is like a cartoon sidekick. In Boardy's mind, when Chris vehemently defends Orko's honour, Chris is defending Boardy's honour. This must make him as happy as if he had been given a new pair of gold shoes despite not having feet.

So Dracula from the future may be put off until the future, but a solid friendship is confirmed.


Anonymous said...

I just assumed that Boardy cared little for the new trend of making old franchises Darker and Edgier, but I think I like your interpretation better.

Anonymous said...

I just took it as Boardy getting more and more Darker and Edgier himself.

Anonymous said...

That might be part of it, but if that was the whole reason for Boardy's pride then he wouldn't have been so shocked at hearing that Chris has punched a screenwriter, or wouldn't have needed to ask why before supporting it.