Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Jork, New Jork

With the introduction of Jorkeena, Superosity surprises us all by introducting the controversial theme of incest. Is there anything that Superosity is incapable of dealing with? Apparently not, as it's even able to handle the disturbing idea of Barton having emotions.

What pathos! Handled so adeptly, with such finesse! Such skill! Such talent! Other such synonyms! Perhaps not quite so successfully as would be seen from somebody of more refined technical ability, but these panels do handle the theme appropriately while managing retain the unique Superosity aesthetic. The important thing is that you can look upon that image and know what is going on. Who amongst us has not had the very same experience? Our souls crumpling up in despair as we whimper the name of a beloved one who will never fulfill our heartfelt desire?

Oh, Dot Warner, how I long for your playful smile.

It is the universal experience of the neurotypical, and Superosity manages to mirror it in Barton of all people.

Interestingly, reaction shots were used the week prior to make us laugh at Jork's mounting rage. It must be admitted even by the rabidly faithful that Mr. Crosby's artistic style is not so detailed as to seem capable of managing such humour, but these two strips are surprisingly successful.

Another point of interest seen in the second of those links is the discovery Jork apparently pronounces his name with the English "J" sound- enough so that it can be sensibly mixed up with the word "jerk." As there is no such sound in the Swedish language, one is led to wonder whether his accent is equally hilarious when he speaks his own native tongue.