Tuesday, June 3, 2008

When Slime Bastard gulps, so do we

Since my last post, I have discovered that Marlene suddenly being revealed as 19 has some similarities with a change recently imparted on some characters in the widely-beloved and widely-reviled PVP. That's Superosity for you, finger on the pulse and keeping up with the latest trends.

Today it was revealed that The Dracula movie is to have a monster called "Slime Bastard." It is a very sad thing when slime daddies leave slime mothers pregnant out of wedlock and then skedaddle. No wonder he is such an angry individual.

The most fascinating aspect of Slime Bastard's introduction is probably right here. In this strip, Chris announces that the monster which made Darlene faint and snuck up on Matthew McConaughey is animatronic. Then Matthew McConaughey is swallowed by the monster, and we are made to wonder... was Chris mistaken? Is it a real monster after all? The punchline would be funny whether there really was a midget in there or not. No sooner has our anxiety been allevieated than we are given reason to worry for Matthew McConaughey's life all over again.

The following strip concludes once and for all (probably) that the monster was animatronic. We see the angry midget who pilots the beast and apparently prefers to be called a "little person." After a three day journey, we can finally sit at complete ease. This is the sort of crazy roller coaster that Superosity takes us on all the time. It's a new heart attack every minute. No wonder Superosity has to pay such careful attention to the pulse.

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