Thursday, August 7, 2008

Things Went Bad But All Is Well

It has been an unfortunate couple of weeks, with one piece of bad news having led to another. Chris Crosby's mother was taken to hospital with pancreatitis, and this left Chris feeling unable to work on Superosity for a while. This is an understandable reaction.

It is also unprecedented. The last thing to resemble a break in Superosity's steady update schedule was when a blackout made Chris unable to upload a couple of strips. Meanwhile, a Sluggy Freelance has regular breaks despite being the sole source of income for its creator.

Fortunately, Chris' mother has recovered and we are seeing a return to the diligent production of Superosity installments. Chris is even working extra time to catch up with where he would have been at this point if misfortune hadn't struck. This is a double dose of Superosity every day, folks. We can all be gay once again.

And to Chris' mother- get even weller soon. Illness does not befit the deific Crosby family.


Anonymous said...

I'd missed my daily dose of Superosity. I can't even describe what it is that's making the John's Korner storyline so wonderful, but there's something at work here that no other comic delivers.

Coreyarty said...

It's especially startling when you consider how quicky Chris must be spinning off these most recent installations in order to get more than one up every day.