Thursday, June 12, 2008

Is The Spelling For Original Movie Just As Good?

Now that Chris has finished his screenplay (leaving us to wonder whether Boardy caved and let him plagiarise his future self), let us cast our minds back to the last time he wrote a script.

Whatever happened to You Gonna Get Rich? It would have been a super fantastic show for those of us who like turning off the television with a vague desire to shoot ourselves in the head. It is a shame the end of the writer's strike undermined the budding series' marketability. With luck, it will be reprised as a subplot in Original Movie.


Anonymous said...

re: the entry title

Are we talking about 20th century Earth spelling or 22nd century Mars spelling? I'd assume the two would have diverged at least somewhat.

Coreyarty said...

Good question. Given that most of the humans on 22nd century Mars are mildly retarded, it's probable that their spelling of Earth languages is a chaotic mess of inconsistency much like the incomprehensible language of Teenage SMS. In order to to make any meaningful comparisons, it seems safest to stick to 20th century Earth.