Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Superosity is pretty good

Superosity is recognised in many circles as a webcomic that exists on the internet, but what most people don't seem to know is that it's a very good one.

Check today's one out. Boardy is all crazy now because of sudden political optimism. Simultaneous social commentary and character development, my friend. This is just one of many examples of Superosity being good.

I give the issue of Superosity linked herein an A+ out of a possible 50, giving Superosity a running total of way cool, man.


Anonymous said...

While there are many Superosity strips that I prefer over the one you linked, I do agree that Superosity is a great webcomic. I love Chris Crosby's sense of humor and references.

~Guy H.L.

Coreyarty said...

The strip I linked to was chosen because it was the newest, freshest example of Superosity available at the time. I was weak and chose the going thing over timelessness.

But Guy H.L, there is no faulting your taste. Dare I describe it as faultless? It is possible that I do. It is also possible that you like some things that are bad but happen to like Superosity as well. Perhaps I only dare describe the segment of your taste upon which Superosity resides as faultless. I certainly dare that.

Coreyarty said...

Guy H.L, I have edited the link's text so as to make it clearer for future readers. It is like having a time machine which fixes past mistakes. Thankyou for your input.