Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Back To Barack

Barack Obama has seen little coverage in Superosity. Sure, Boardy returned his wallet, and we've been seeing glimpses of Boardy's little obsession, but the character himself has remained inert. Compare this to Baby Bush, whose obnoxious behaviour was a regular source of plot points throughout the reign of his real-life counterpart. It is quite probable that GW Bush's astonishing capacity for reelection was largely due to the fame he garnered through Superosity. All publicity is good publicity, after all.

It is therefore exciting to see Obama finally take an active role in a Superosity storyline. So exciting that we can easily get over the disappointment of having Chris' trick-or-treating expedition with Moneybags reduced to a single strip. So Obama apparently has something against Reptillians and employs the negotiation tactics of an indulgent mother. It is surprising to find no fictional elements have yet been worked into the Superosity interpretation, but I suppose we must sit back and wait to see what is to come. In the meantime, let us contemplate a hint of things to come... in the future.

Really makes you think, doesn't it? But then, when doesn't Superosity make you think? Only when you happen to be reading it in the middle of receiving a brain transplant, methinks.

Monday, October 3, 2011

All That Is Air Condenses To Solid

Today one of the many holes in my heart has been filled, for I have finally gotten around to acquiring the print issues of Superosity that were released in those heady days when Keenspot was into doing that kind of thing. They are not in the pristine condition that I would have liked, but are nonetheless guaranteed to be 100% blackout proof, allowing for electricity free enjoyment of Superosity at any time of the day that provides enough light to read by. A necessary precaution in this post-peak-oil era.

They also contain creator commentary, a source of invaluable background information that is sure to prove invaluable as information. Did you know that there was once a shirt featuring the last panel of this strip? Maybe you did. I have a feeling that I may have known it at some point myself, but I forgot about it. Or maybe it just feels like something I once knew. Anyway, now we're all certain about being fully aware of the fact-- unless of course you can't read, in which case I'm sorry for marginalising you but am unsure what you're doing staring at these enigmatic scribbles. You should find something better to do with your time, like learning to read or something.

As I flicked through these issues, experiencing Superosity in glorious black for the first time, I also noticed an unfortunate error that I made in my previous post. The first appearance of those aliens isn't in their eponymous storyline, as I had implied. It was two years earlier, in Chris' first journey to the future, during which Chris and Boardy worked to prevent future Bobby from starting a war. This is significant because it clearly depicts representatives of the aliens living on Earth in future history. I apologise; this was a serious oversight. My memory isn't what it used to be. I can't remember what it used to be.

That's all for now, folks. Stay tuned for next issue, in which something brilliant is written </foreshadowing>, but maybe not quite as brilliant as suggested. </ominous foreshadowing>

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Spy Who Came In With The Cold Blood

With the introduction of the Reptillian alien race, one can't help but wonder about the implications for the secret Lizard kingdom. These Reptillian beings, they are like Doctor Who's Silurians. Except they're not from Earth. Or at least if they are from Earth they fly around their home planet in spaceships for some reason. In any case, they clearly hope to be the planet's dominant race and it seems probable that Burt Reynolds would have a hand (or claw?) in any such play for power.

Reptillians are the latest in what has come to be a very complicated intergalactic landscape. It could be argued that the variety of alien species is one of the richest elements of Superosity's mythology. This argument would be made easy by the vague qualification "one of." It would be made difficult by the sheer richness of Superosity's elemental table. Regardless, I maintain that Superosity's extraterrestrial scope is impressive.

There was a time when this range was centred on and pretty much limited to those gray aliens, a parody of your classic Roswell alien with paler skin flying about in saucers to partake of recreational abductions. This parody by itself was rich in detail-- the way they remained unnamed and were referred to only by reputation, the way their lack of emotions played upon ideas about scientific purity, and of course their compulsive abduction habit. Never before had such a simple caricature been so nuanced. At least, this was arguably one of the times after the period in which no simple caricature had previously been so nuanced that there was so much nuance in a simple caricature .

They were great (in the sense of quality), but space is greater (in the sense of size) [note to self: if you have to explain a turn of phrase don't use it] {other note to self: shut up, you're not the boss of me}. It came to seem a bit of a shame to focus the examination of alien life on just the one parody, especially when time travel had been partaken of so adeptly.

This all changed with the massive story arc that began with Space Is Keen, the most thorough exploration of Superosity's contemporary universe to date. In one extraordinarily lengthy fell swoop, Superosity's spacescape was filled with life. Most importantly, this is where we first learnt of the cannibalistic Venusians, the beings currently harbouring Chris' parents in law. But this is not all we gained. It also sowed the seeds for lunatic filth-filled dictatorships, fugitive spaceballs, extraterrestrial omnipotence, and many others. Wacky Martians would also eventually come to be in consequence of this landmark occasion. Today the region of Superosity's outer space is at least as compelling as its future histories and parallel Earths.

So, Reptillians, we welcome your entry into the realm of Superosity's contemporary species. You are part of what has come to be a great (in the sense of both quality and size) legacy. Please don't nibble on me.

Oh, and happy birthday to our dimension's very own Chris Crosby.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Farewell To Superosity Makes Me Gay

Gentlefolk of the jury, men and women of the passing throng, Superosity Makes Me Gay is no more. It was a necessary change. I realised there was a need to focus on the matter at hand, a matter which the blog's name confused by adding superfluous politicisation. This was unnecessary. It was undesirable. What I need, what you need, what the world needs, is a blog which puts greater emphasis on the importance of Superosity. This importance doesn't seem to have been fully embraced by the world at large. Such lack is a sign of our collective dearth of cultural appreciation. It's a lack I will now put effort into rectifying, once every week or two, forevermore or until I start getting lazy about it again, under a new title.

Superosity Makes Me Gay is dead. Long live Superosity Makes Me Giddy.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Transylvanian Twist

Anonymous Anonymous, he who is doubly good at being anonymous but paradoxically distinguishes himself in so doing and thus compromises his anonymity, has asked an interesting question regarding a recent Superosity strip:

"What is a Verve Vactor Thirteen and why is there nothing on the Google Box about it?"

Now, the answer to the latter part is of course quite clear. The Google Box simply does not possess the grand heights of wisdom that Superosity does. The core of the question, however, remains befuddling. If it were "Verve Vector Thirteen" there would be little confusion. It would be the thirteenth Verve Vector. Even Google Box would know that, quite probably. "Verve Vactor Thirteen," however? What is the thirteenth Verve Vactor? I do not know, but it is interesting that this is introduced to Superosity's mythology in the very same year of Superosity that is its thirteenth year.

Another interesting addition to the Superosity that occurred this year, one that probably has little to no relationship with Verve Vactors, is that of a monster monarchy. Also of interest is the lizard monarchy that was revealed shortly thereafter, but it remains to be seen whether this is to be expanded on. The monster element, however, has already impacted quite significantly upon the Superosity world that we know. Never again may we ever see the Janitor in the same way. Now we must look at him like this:

In true Superosity fashion, monsters are taken a step beyond the standard fur and spikes and given the option for such features as secondary oesophagi that lead to Hell. This is an exciting concept. Still, the true significance is that an entire subculture has been opened up for possible exploration in future storylines. Superosity was simply too massive to be filled up with such areas as space, time and alternate dimensions. So an entire civilisation has now been unveiled under our very noses, on the contemporary home planet of our intrepid heroes.

That is, two civilisations if you count the lizards. And with Alan's Famous Indian Screaming Lizard being stalked by whats-her-name, can further integration of this royal lineage be far behind? Yes, actually, it can be very far behind given the long game that Superosity plays so artfully. In the meantime, we are left to wonder if Alan's Famous Indian Screaming Lizard would lose its shrill charm if taken beyond its smirk-inducing vignettes.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Shaming of the Shrew

So we've long passed Chris' honeymoon. His absinthe-moon too has long since expired. It remains to consider how well Superosity has managed this change in its dynamics.

To get the negativity out of the way, it was extremely disappointing to find the couple's paper anniversary not celebrated with a book printing of Superosity. Maybe next year we will see a book printed on cotton, I don't know. It would certainly be nice to have a version of Superosity to read in the bath, but it would be even nicer to already be keeping a copy of the book under my pillow. All I currently have there to console me after nightmares is a hand written nursery rhyme. I need something with more heft to it, with greater versatility. Something that can also be used to beat off nocturnal intruders and hope to inflict more than a paper cut.

Nonetheless, this is not point of primary importance. It is simply the icing on the wedding cake. Maybe also the little bride and groom figurine. What is important is how the stories have been affected.

For the most part, not very much. It has simply meant that storylines involving Arcadia have involved her as wife instead of fiancée. It has certainly allowed for some amusing moments such as Chris delegating his husbandly duties in the usual manner, but for the most part Arcadia has been an unusual wife. She has made few demands on her husband's lifestyle.

That is, until we recently finally found evidence of the shrew within.

We see now that she covets a certain image of married life and in order to meet it demands that Chris expands his own field of experience to encompass more mature roles. Next she'll be wanting him to develop as a person. It just never stops with these women.

Fortunately, we now know that the friendship she chose was with a hastily selected pair who turned out to be crazier than Chris.

It is perhaps fitting that the last image we see of Arcadia is in consequence of her simple plan going horribly wrong.

The storyline changed before we got to see whether the hostage situation was smoothly solved, so for now we are left to dwell on this event. Arcadia is bound. Not only physically by her new friends. Not only spiritually by her marriage. Totally and utterly, by an entire Superosity universe that is far too madcap to allow her to experience the plain aspects of married life.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Jork, New Jork

With the introduction of Jorkeena, Superosity surprises us all by introducting the controversial theme of incest. Is there anything that Superosity is incapable of dealing with? Apparently not, as it's even able to handle the disturbing idea of Barton having emotions.

What pathos! Handled so adeptly, with such finesse! Such skill! Such talent! Other such synonyms! Perhaps not quite so successfully as would be seen from somebody of more refined technical ability, but these panels do handle the theme appropriately while managing retain the unique Superosity aesthetic. The important thing is that you can look upon that image and know what is going on. Who amongst us has not had the very same experience? Our souls crumpling up in despair as we whimper the name of a beloved one who will never fulfill our heartfelt desire?

Oh, Dot Warner, how I long for your playful smile.

It is the universal experience of the neurotypical, and Superosity manages to mirror it in Barton of all people.

Interestingly, reaction shots were used the week prior to make us laugh at Jork's mounting rage. It must be admitted even by the rabidly faithful that Mr. Crosby's artistic style is not so detailed as to seem capable of managing such humour, but these two strips are surprisingly successful.

Another point of interest seen in the second of those links is the discovery Jork apparently pronounces his name with the English "J" sound- enough so that it can be sensibly mixed up with the word "jerk." As there is no such sound in the Swedish language, one is led to wonder whether his accent is equally hilarious when he speaks his own native tongue.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Superosity

I... I forgot to get you a present... and I'm calling you late... but that doesn't mean I don't love you! Just think of all the other things I'm neglecting even more badly. I haven't even started that novel which would completely turn the world of literature on its head if I ever completed it. Please don't hate me because I'm lazy.

Happy twelfth birthday. Nearly a teenager, you little scamp you.