Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Plagiarising Spoilers

Time travel is one of the greatest things that almost seems possible but is possibly impossible. As a plot device it is both grand and groovy. It just generally wants to make you say gr. That means that grotesque and grisly are also valid adjectives, but let us stick with grand and groovy. As Superosity makes extensive use of time travel, we will abide no negative connotations.

What greater evidence is there of the virtues of temporal manipulation than seeing Boardy come back from a journey through time and space and accuse Chris of ripping off the very movie that he is making? If greater evidence does exist, it no doubt lies somewhere within Superosity's own archives.

There is however something sinister in that exchange. If it's so popular that Boardy has heard people talking about it, why did he not recognise the names of the creators? Is this an evil future in which movies do not credit directors and producers? Is someone going to usurp development of the movie? A dark edge adds to the complexity of this comic.

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