Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Yearosity, Superosites

2010 may have been the least productive year for Superosity Makes Me Gay, but it has been a spectacular year for Superosity. With Chris finally married, the most significant shift in the comic's dynamic since Barton dying, we wait to see what this means for the strip as a whole.

Arcadia indicates that little has and will change, but there is more to be taken from that exchange. There is possible foreshadowing. There is the way in which their view of their respective situations is revealed: Arcadia sees Boardy's concern as being about the intrusion on his world, while Boardy sees his concern as the danger of Chris being hurt. This tension will likely prove a fertile ground for story in the future.

We have also seen that Arcadia is similarly protective of Chris, so it will be interesting to see what happens with two defenders in the nest... or, you know, a relevant metaphor that actually makes sense. Boardy and Arcadia have an overlapping perception of their respective roles regarding Chris is what I'm saying.

Plus Spaceball's story remains a cliffhanger waiting to be revisited.

Perhaps 2011 will be a better year for Superosity Makes Me Gay. I make no promises except for the promise to make outlandish excuses. It matters little. Superosity remains a giant monument to brilliance, and this tribute blog can never achieve anything more than hunch in its shadows with a laser pointer, occasionally highlighting tiny little flecks of its magnificent surface. Have a nice year, and may your 2011 goggles serve you well throughout.