Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hatto Vs. Hatto

In the midst of this unsettling altercation between slave and master, it is worth remembering why Chris and Baby Bush have gotten along so well in the past. They are in many ways kindred spirits. Or at least they were. Back when Bush used to be cool.

Is the current Bush the ex-basball player from the other dimension, or is he back to being the original one? I remember that the original Bush returned and there were two Bushes for a little while, but don't recall how that plot resolved. As entertaining as Superosity is, sifting through its archives for particular moments can be a difficult process.

There are broader unrelated themes that I would like to address but, as I said, the archives are difficult to penetrate. Perhaps in the future.

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Anonymous said...

One of the two Bushes died at the end of "The Raging American vs The Great Satan" in 2006. It was never established which one.