Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Happy New New Superosity Year Everybody

What a year of Superosity it has been, all amazing and hilarious as usual, and now it's all pretty in pink to boot. Of particular note is that the storyline dropdown has finally been updated, making it easier to hone in on particular favourites from the past few years.

There was quite a scare last calendar year, with all that fourth wall breaking. It is not common for Superosity, not on so large a scale. One time Chris snatched a strand of rain out of the air. Another time Boardy commented that Chris had a habit of scribbling out swears. These are not the same. Here was an entire storyline based around the characters potentially realising they were in a comic. For a while I wondered whether the series was trembling on the edge of collapsing on itself and ending forever, and I stood trembling on the edge of utter despair as I watched the proceeding. Masterful use of suspense, though I still have not gotten back in the habit of sleeping in complete ease. The calm will return, eventually.

Have fun continuing to read Superosity, everybody. It's what life was invented for. See you again in two years or one year... or maybe even sooner?