Monday, July 7, 2008

I Am Not Yet Bored Of Boardy

I have encountered further points of note in the Chris-Boardy correlation, and am therefore inclined to relate them here.

Firstly, a blog rivalling for the affection of our esteemed webcomic author, Alan + Chris 4 Life, recently brought our attention to an alternate universe in which Boardy did not befriend Chris. What caused this to happen? Chris became obsessed with Don Johnson. Here I feel is further proof that Boardy's relationship with Chris is integrally related to Chris's relationship with pop culture.

Important observations have also been made by visitors to this blog. Colreid mentions that Boardy's jealousy of Arcadia could be the catalyst of Boardy's conversion to Dark Boardy, while an interchange betwixt zgyecp and anonymous makes a connection between Dark Boardy and the idea of becoming darker and edgier. I am ashamed to have neglected mentioning Dark Boardy up until this point, but these are fascinating insights. If Boardy associates a darker and edgier Orko with his own future conversion to Dark Boardy, Chris wasn't only defending Boardy's honour. He was defending Boardy's very sanity and sense of being! Further, if Boardy himself suspects that Arcadia might be leading him down the gloomy trail of Dark Boardiness, Chris punching out that hooligan writer might also give Boardy images of Boardy dumping Arcadia. This is the sort of complicated psychological play that you must look out for in a work of Chris Crosby's caliber.

Finally, let us quickly view two examples of Boardy's pleasure in Chris's attention. Heartwarming stuff. And maybe a little creepy.