Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Very Superosity Leap Year

One decade over, a new decade begins. Let us pray that it is to be filled to the brim with Superosity goodies- Superosity trade paperbacks, Superosity movies, Superosity television series, Superosity live action spinoff movies, Superosity Happy Meals containing Superosity figurines made with poisonous chemicals which lead to product recalls and super-inflated collector's value.

Superosity, not content to do the obvious thing and mark the change with much more than a comment about decade names and a New Year's novelty glasses gag, chose to use the New Year's Eve celebration as a vehicle for massive unrelated plot points. Mr. Richman has been replaced by Snap as owner of Cool-Ass Industries and Barton prime is returned from the afterlife. This is big news!

Here at Superosity Makes Me Gay, we are not so ingenius as the comic which we are formed to adulate. Instead, we ask the most pressing question of the year: who was the greatest leaper
hopper of bygone 2009? The light green Martian or Alan?


deepskyfrontier said...

Alan, but only because the alien is a native to Mars, where the gravity is less. And yet, it comes as a surprise to a miniaturized Martian that another miniaturized Martian can leap over his head. This implies that leaping over another Martian's head is not a thing commonly done (on Mars) and is due almost exclusively to the effect of reduced M(ass). (A)cceleration = , F(orce) / M(ass). Force decreases by the inverse square of the factor of Martian shrinkage while mass decreases by the inverse cube. This is because muscle strength is a function of cross-section, not mass. If we assume the Martians started at about 5'4" tall and are now only 4" tall, that's a shunkage factor of 1/16. That means a shrunked Martian would have about 0.4% of it's full sized strength. Instead of bench pressing it's own weight (say) 200 lbs, it would be able to bench press about thirteen oz. Meanwhile, it's mass would have reduced by the inverse cube- about 0.78 ozs. Little Martian would have sixteen times more scale strength than unshrunked Martian. Meanwhile, Alan WAY overhops, in Earth gravity, without being shrunked. Therefore, Alan is the hoppiest.

Coreyarty said...

The action lines for the Martian also indicate a much lower trajectory, whereas Alan's steeper jump contained enough force to smash a hole in the ceiling.

zgeycp said...

Like Icarus, he hopped too close to the sun.