Thursday, April 1, 2010

Grooming A Fool

My friends, this is even bigger news! Can Superosity ever stop amazing and exciting us? Probably not. With such things afoot, will I ever get around to writing about various other things I've been planning to? Probably not all of them- many have become half forgotten in the years that they have been waiting under the wing.

Yet in the midst of all this excitement and the dull jingaling of wedding bells resonating from the future, it's worth taking the time to step back and highlight this peripheral exchange. For one thing, it reminds us that this is an April Fool's Day comic (as opposed to March Eighth), and that Dark Boardy's has a prior record of being naughty for such an occasion. We are made to wonder whether this hint of an impending wedding is another such instance, which creates some dramatic tension.

At the same time, it has one of the twistiest games of logic rhetoric has ever produced. Sure, it's a supergenius outwitting a manchild, but that doesn't undermine the exchange too greatly. Where else can we see somebody start out apologising, but then force the apologisee to become the apologiser by way of retracting that very apology?

There are no doubt other places, but none of them would be Superosity. Because, Superosity? That is this place.


zgeycp said...

We have a timeframe on the new future Boardy!

Did he come to stop Boardy from ruining the wedding? Did he come to ruin the wedding himself?

Superosity is the best.

Coreyarty said...

"It provides a nice amount of conflict" is a great line because it represents the future as a shift of narrative structure.

Must hurry up and find time to write something about the previous few storylines so I can write something about He-Board when the time is ripe and while this blog still ahead of the curve in the soon-to-be-wisdespread domain of Superosity scholarship.

zgeycp said...

Boardy ignoring the warnings of his future self and sending him away is some Shakespearean tragedy-level foreshadowing.