Thursday, May 13, 2010

An Institute You Can't Disparage

We are witnessing a very strange and exciting era for Superosity. Time was that the only major upheaval to Superosity was the classic death of Barton. Sure, Snap had been made a superstar and has since become a little washed out. Sure, we've picked up a couple of extra proper Boards and a sponge-based Board over time. But these incidental events feel commonplace and banal in the world of Superosity. Barton's death-- a major character completely removed from continuity-- now there was a change!

Recently we had another major change- Snap has usurped Mr. Richman as the owner of Cool-Ass Industries. This completely overhauls aspects of the character relationships within the comic. Mr. Richman has always been the boss guy, even when he wasn't the boss. Well, except when Lester was the boss guy. Mr. Richman was reduced to being a boss guy during that period. But now he isn't the boss of anything at all, and this is an amazing development.

Then Barton was brought back to life. It appeared that maybe only one thing can be particularly different in Superosity at any one time.

Until now. Now we've got what may be the Superosity event of the millennium: Chris' marriage! We've been waiting on this such a long time that it just doesn't feel real. This is such an important aspect of Superosity that, back in the day, Chris (the comickeer) turned to the readers asking the direction they wanted for Chris (the Superosity character) and Arcadia. Is it really going to happen now? If so, is it influenced by the outcome that we voted for all those years ago in that early instance of webcomics 2.0?

There are major fault lines forming in the status quo, and us witnesses watch in awe as we wait to see how it holds up.

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