Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Eleventh Anniversary Superosity!

Enjoy year twelve while you can, for I have it on good authority that next year is unlucky.

To celebrate this auspicious event, read the comments section for this blog's previous post and see deepskyfrontier prove that Alan has a superior leap to that of the mightiest Martian hopper. Using mathematics, I think (I can't tell for sure because my parents could only afford to get me a holistic education- "holistic" being a fancy word meaning "filled with holes.")


deepskyfrontier said...

Superosity will make thirteen totally lucky. I know it will.

deepskyfrontier said...

Just like your blog has changed the definition of "gay." It is a very powerful precedent.

zgeycp said...

What would someone who has never read the Superosity archives think of today's strip, in which Hedrick imagines the green man completely context-free?

It's a trick question. Everyone has read the Superosity archives, and everyone knows the green man who appears whenever Hedrick closes his eyes.

Coreyarty said...

The blog doesn't simply change the definition of "gay," it reverts it to a previous status for all those who wish to sing I Feel Pretty with the original lyrics and not have people misunderstand their sexual inclination.

There are a few samples of uncultured swine amongst the population of the world who haven't read the Superosity archives. They would no doubt be confused, which is why I wish I could get my act together and help clarify such details as the known history of the green man who watches Hedrick in Wiki Superosity. But unlike Chris Crosby, the creator and perpetuator of Superosity, I am imperfect.