Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mere Anarchy

Over the past few months we have seen Superosity unfold as an ever-widening gyre. Events have been spinning around events without quite touching one another, leaving an abundance of loose threads which are yet to be resolved. When and how will these resolutions come about? Will everything conclude as handily as it has been crafted? It is of course impossible to pre-empt the author on these matters, and it is frankly ridiculous of you to be hypothetically asking me these questions. You should be ashamed.

Nonetheless, what we can do is examine the story thus far and map out the aforementioned spiral.

I would draw out a diagram for your visual benefit, but my crude drawing abilities are such that I once did an innocent sketch of a duckling in a field of tulips which somehow appeared so outrageously pornographic that the courts officially declared me too irresponsible to inscribe any symbol other than the letters of the English alphabet. Yes, brothers and sisters, we live in a world of criminal convictions which disregard authorial intent in favour of abstract reinterpretation. This is truly the dystopian postmodern society that we have long dreaded.

(Incidentally, such a state of socially entrenched postmodernism semantically delegates the modernist phenomenon of futurism to the past. To live beyond contemporary (modern) times is seemingly to also live beyond future(ist) times. But here we're getting ahead of ourselves.)

So, for fear of the crunch of a truncheon across the rear of my skull, it is necessary to stick with description.

It can be fairly said that the beginning of this story arc lies at the point at which Lester is appointed Vice President and Chris becomes President. This is the point at which all prior issues become resolved. For this reason, the centre of our spiral, the lynchpin of all that has occurred thenceforth, could well be considered to be Chris' new job position. The events that have stemmed from this moment have been:

  • Chris found a need to earn the love of his brother-in-law-to-be
  • Which led him to make the Cool-Ass crew into a star ship crew
  • Which led him to launch the Cool-Ass building into outer space
  • Which led him to meet mischievious Martians who claim Chris as their creator
  • Which led him to organise a mass emigration of shrunken Martians
  • Which led him to try and market shrunken Martians as toys while wondering about kids today
  • Which was apparently abandoned when the shrunken Martians started walking outside of their globes and get involved in a dispute with the household mice
  • Which led Chris to shrink himself down and act as ambassador
  • Which, peace having been instituted, led Chris to agree to supersize Worrimer the mouse

Picture all of that organised as a conical helix spiralling out from the bottom point of Chris becoming Cool-Ass president and you will have a very pretty picture in your head indeed. If only I were allowed to draw it.

Of these plotlines, only the issue of mouse war appears to have been resolved (the toy thing has sort of been resolved but we haven't seen Mr. Richman's final analysis.) This has been and continues to be a deceptively elaborate storyline.

Next time: A closer examination of the subtext of mouse racism.

Meantime: Please add more entries to Wiki Superosity. It is a very important cause.


Coreyarty said...

Links absent because going through and finding them is really hard work and often leads to me abandoning a post altogether. Sorry!

deepskyfrontier said...

You should write analytical analysis articles analyzing stuff in wikisuperosity.

deepskyfrontier said...

HAVE YOU SEEN TODAY'S COMIC?????!??(!) All our hopes and dreams are coming true!!!!(again!!!(!)!!)!!!

Coreyarty said...

My dreams come true whenever there is a Superosity update, for there is no greater gift than a fresh Superosity strip.

I don't think entire articles of analysis would be appropriate for an encycolpaedic endeavour, being too far removed from fact.

deepskyfrontier said...

I disagree because I believe that Superosity bears analysis, and is not a dry plain of first-order simplicity. However, if that is your position, I respect it.

deepskyfrontier said...

I disagree with the last thing I said. I think the tone was dickish and stupid and I'm sorry.

deepskyfrontier said...

Is it just me, or do Superosity storylines feel like they just happened a few months ago- even when it was years ago?

Coreyarty said...

I'm afraid I don't see anything to apologise about, so I can never forgive you.

Yeah, everything from within the past few years feels like content from just last year.

deepskyfrontier said...

I very much enjoy your Superman article. I'll have to give some thought to the question of straight parody. If any other straight parody exists, it's probably on a smaller scale. The "satire in superosity" article has a lot of room to grow- though parody and satire aren't the same concept.

Coreyarty said...

It's hard to decide what direction that satire article should be taken in. An attempt to actually catalogue every instance of satire would end up twenty times the size of the list of stories.