Monday, February 2, 2009

This Year Revisited

Welcome back. I will start my first proper post for the year by reviewing the now-complete 2008 season of Superosity. It was simply Superosity,with everything that being Superosity entails. That's all that needs to be said about that. Now let us have a closer look at other things.

Stealing From O.J is a classic Superosity adventure. Not only is it the third time travel story, but it was the first time we got to see Chris enacting his pre-Cool Ass money acquisition procedure. So seeing the Superosity timeline catch up with the alternate timeline of the Stealing From O.J story is quite an experience for the hardcore Superosity fan.

Incidentally, being a hardcore Superosity fan is a prerequisite for being a human of worth. When we finally have to evacuate the planet and there aren't enough ships for everybody, the first point in the screening process will be to separate the hardcore Superosity fans from everybody else. Those in the "everybody else" group will be immediately incinerated to make the selection easier. Maybe one person from the group will be salvaged so that he or she can be kept in a zoo to help us recall the dark past when there was such a thing as a human who was not a hardcore Superosity fan. We must always remember our evils so that we do not repeat them.

But that's in the shining days of our future. Today we must consider the days of Superosity past, when Boardy's practice of vaporising alternate personas was quite an ethical error, as the reality was that the alternate timelines continued in alternate universes. He is probably very ashamed of it, and has indeed admitted that his previous limitation of knowledge in this field was his biggest weakness. But by the year 2009 he has gained a better understanding of alternate universes and is able to travel between them. And, it seems, this alternate Boardy had gained the same capacity by this time as well. He only pretended to vaporise himself! Why did he pretend to vaporise himself? So he could abandon Kato and marry alternate Arcadia!

If alternate Boardy had lust or love for alternate Arcadia, could it be that our Boardy has secret lust or love for our Arcadia? It has now become a startling possibility.


Coreyarty said...

I also look forward to finding out why Bobby is spying on his friends from behind a tree. Is he sad that he is being left out? Angry that they are continuing with this particular shenanigan? Will it remain a mystery? I can't wait.

Anonymous said...

Bobby is angry that everything.

Coreyarty said...

And he kills 'cos he likes to kill.