Monday, June 22, 2009

Chris The Manager

When Chris first received his current managerial role, I intended to point out various examples in which he has demonstrated aptitude in similar positions, such as the time he convinced Zazno to become his slave instead of vice versa. A combination of laziness and more laziness prevented me from doing so, but developments since then have shown just how relevant this observation was. With the aid of a few rockets strategically attached to the Cool Ass building, the current storyline has become a sequel to the original epic Superosity space saga.

Then, with the addition of some little green men who claim Chris as their creator, the storyline becomes linked with Original Movie, another storyline in which Chris took something of a leadership role. Are these the ancestors of the beings who are to one day make Original Movie into a cult classic? There are certain similarities between the appearances of the two.

And if Chris is their creator, that could go some way towards explaining their mental retardation.

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