Monday, February 9, 2009

All Eyes On Hedrick

Unless this is a One-Shot Week, it's possible that we're about to get a clearer understanding about the difference between timelines and universes as they pertain to Superosity. This would be good, as I've had some trouble getting the whole thing straight in my head and apparently it's too complicated for Baby Bush to understand.

With Valentine's Day coming up so close to a possible alternate universe line, it may be possible that we're also going to see shenanigans akin to those told between the classic storylines Pesh Me Twice, Shame On Me and Still The One True Love. Oh, all this speculation makes my innards go tingly.

As we wait for events to unfold, let us consider the two recent consecutive comics running from here to here. It is an odd moment. The storyline disappears without warning and in lieu of a punchline we see Hedrick craving a corn dog. The next day, we simply observe Hedrick consuming his corn dog with obvious satisfaction and then indicating that it is this corn dog which has rounded out this day and committed it to that hall reserved for Hedrick's Great Adventures.

It is made more eerie when you realise that he closes his eyes at the first bite, and is thus being observed by the green guy. You know the one. The one who stares at him when he closes his eyes.

All the other characters simply fade away and for one tender moment of reflection the world is privately shared by us, Hedrick, and an invisible green guy.


Anonymous said...

Superosity's One-Shot Weeks are inevitably delightful, but I defy you to find a Monday strip that wouldn't make a wonderful beginning to a storyline.

Coreyarty said...

You mean could Chris create a one-shot Superosity so brilliantly unique that even he would be incapable of developing it into a great Superosity story? Contemplating such a paradox could take you far down the path towards spiritual enlightenment.