Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Farewell To Superosity Makes Me Gay

Gentlefolk of the jury, men and women of the passing throng, Superosity Makes Me Gay is no more. It was a necessary change. I realised there was a need to focus on the matter at hand, a matter which the blog's name confused by adding superfluous politicisation. This was unnecessary. It was undesirable. What I need, what you need, what the world needs, is a blog which puts greater emphasis on the importance of Superosity. This importance doesn't seem to have been fully embraced by the world at large. Such lack is a sign of our collective dearth of cultural appreciation. It's a lack I will now put effort into rectifying, once every week or two, forevermore or until I start getting lazy about it again, under a new title.

Superosity Makes Me Gay is dead. Long live Superosity Makes Me Giddy.

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