Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Shaming of the Shrew

So we've long passed Chris' honeymoon. His absinthe-moon too has long since expired. It remains to consider how well Superosity has managed this change in its dynamics.

To get the negativity out of the way, it was extremely disappointing to find the couple's paper anniversary not celebrated with a book printing of Superosity. Maybe next year we will see a book printed on cotton, I don't know. It would certainly be nice to have a version of Superosity to read in the bath, but it would be even nicer to already be keeping a copy of the book under my pillow. All I currently have there to console me after nightmares is a hand written nursery rhyme. I need something with more heft to it, with greater versatility. Something that can also be used to beat off nocturnal intruders and hope to inflict more than a paper cut.

Nonetheless, this is not point of primary importance. It is simply the icing on the wedding cake. Maybe also the little bride and groom figurine. What is important is how the stories have been affected.

For the most part, not very much. It has simply meant that storylines involving Arcadia have involved her as wife instead of fiancée. It has certainly allowed for some amusing moments such as Chris delegating his husbandly duties in the usual manner, but for the most part Arcadia has been an unusual wife. She has made few demands on her husband's lifestyle.

That is, until we recently finally found evidence of the shrew within.

We see now that she covets a certain image of married life and in order to meet it demands that Chris expands his own field of experience to encompass more mature roles. Next she'll be wanting him to develop as a person. It just never stops with these women.

Fortunately, we now know that the friendship she chose was with a hastily selected pair who turned out to be crazier than Chris.

It is perhaps fitting that the last image we see of Arcadia is in consequence of her simple plan going horribly wrong.

The storyline changed before we got to see whether the hostage situation was smoothly solved, so for now we are left to dwell on this event. Arcadia is bound. Not only physically by her new friends. Not only spiritually by her marriage. Totally and utterly, by an entire Superosity universe that is far too madcap to allow her to experience the plain aspects of married life.

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