Saturday, February 14, 2009

It's Like Green Hulk And Red Hulk

An evil alternate Chris hoarding a collection of alternate Boardies for some nefarious purpose! Intense! Who knows? It may even end up becoming in tents.

I did not initially notice it, but in Monday's comic Chris' snoozing sound melds together with the sound of the other Chris popping into his universe. That's some pretty neato onomatopeia right there. And let me tell you something else- I very nearly spelled "onomatopeia" correctly on the first try. Making observations about onomatopeia and spelling onomatopeia seem to be two things that I'm only capable of doing on a second viewing.


Anonymous said...

I've really been enjoying the art in Superosity these past few weeks.

Look at the expressive faces in the Paul Blart story, the design for Evil Chris, and now the visual composition of the "universe hole" panel.

I expect the new universe to be a feast for the eyes.

Coreyarty said...

I know, that has to be the best hole in the universe ever drawn. I'm sure it has been done similarly before, but I don't care- this one is the best.