Friday, April 12, 2013

This Is The Way The World's Saved

Not with a bang but a whimper. You know what this means? It means that when Dan Akroyd flung Christ and Arcadia into the future, 1000 years after the demise of Earth, they were a whole 500 years further in the future than we thought! This changes everything.

It was perhaps an anticlimactic ending to what was to be the end of the world, but given that for most of the year the writing was sidetracked by the very first ever adventure in the Board Dimension, it can be forgiven. Nothing could have followed that without being overshadowed. Chris has probably made the most interesting point on the subject: Those Aliens sure are going to be confused.

Plenty more has occurred since I last dusted off this hunk of junk, and even more than that has transpired while I recovered from the intense coughing fit that resulted from inhaling so much dust. I have of course been desperately attempting to catch up on Superosity in the meantime. A most enjoyable series of unfortunate events has of course transpired. What will become of this charming little examination of nerd culture's recent attempt to withdraw into itself in the wake of popularisation? You probably already know. It played out a while ago, and sensible people haven't been distracted by the overwhelming affairs of everyday life. Sensible people have been reading Superosity every day and are already up to date. I like to think that if anybody reads this blog, such people are sensible people.

See you next time, folks. Remember to brush your teeth at least once a now and again.

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