Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Crisis On Infinite Superosities

Hold up, me lovelies. Take a bit of a gander at this:

Is this the seed of some grand shift in our understanding of Superosity continuity? It's hard to say. Perhaps Dr. Micron's hypothetical understanding of time travel is simply flawed. Nonetheless, in case something does indeed occur, I want to go down as the guy who mentioned it on the eve if its manifestation. If nothing of interest transpires, no matter. I'm taking this one shot at immortality.

Better the fool who took a chance and failed than the fool who took no chances and didn't succeed.


Spoon (Jim Lind) said...

Dudes. Dave the Dog has green eyebrows. I'm freaking out.

Coreyarty said...

Plus he mysteriously fails to turn up at dinner dates. Dave the Dog! Oh, that guy.