Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Steadily Simmering On

Well, folks, it has been over a month since the commencement of Superosity's fourteenth year, and I have a feeling that this year of Superosity is going to be a good one. This is because any year of Superosity which contains Superosity is a good one. Goodness is endemic to Superosity.

Another good sign is the top form Superosity was in during the week of its thirteenth birthday. Check out this one in particular, and this one in particular, and this one also in particular. Hell, check out the whole thing in particular: this is top quality stuff! Most of these punchlines are hinged on hilarious twists of logic that are difficult not to appreciate.

Similarly, all the comics that follow can be summed up with one word: enjoyable. It's an understated choice, but gets the basic message across.

So we come to today's comic, which in its final panel perhaps manages to sum up Superosity's tone quite neatly.

That astonished gasp followed by a total normalisation of the supposedly shocking statement.

The spanning of multiple time periods and universes is of course part of Chris' everyday life, and as the computer implies shouldn't be shocking to him at all, but he needed to gasp because that's what would be expected of him if he were a fictional character. As readers of a fictional character, it also happens to be what we expect to see. So he earnestly goes through the motions in his childlike way, and the predictability of this behaviour is dismantled by the world simply ticking on. Time to see what zany adventure this will lead to.

(How do you get a world to tick? Just mix a couple of metaphors and half bake it. You should know this by now).

Finally, just a note on my own personal tardiness: I'm pretty lazy, really, and considering the invisibility of my pretend audience I only really write this stuff for the joy of writing about Superosity. Blogger is also a hassle to log into now that I have to jump through hoops to evade Google's attempt to consolidate my various internet activities under a single Gmail account. I can't promise regular updates, but I do promise if that if I ever decide to stop doing this I'll actually state that fact instead of just suddenly stopping. So maybe check back every month or so or just when you think of it. I don't know. You and I both know that you're fictional anyway.


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